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Erasing Data from Your iPhone by Vibosoft

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Kevin Walker

July 28, 2017 (Updated: April 2, 2018锛

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In 2017, your iPhone is an extension of you. You entire life is stored in 32G鈥檚 or more. And while 32G鈥檚 seems like a large amount of space, the truth is, your entire life takes up a lot of room. As you continue to use your iPhone you may see that your life changes and you need to remove and erase data to make room for more data. Or, you may decide to upgrade to a newer iPhone, leaving you in a position to erase your entire life from your old iPhone to protect your privacy and the privacy of your friends, family, and colleagues. No matter the reason, your life requires an iPhone data eraser at some point to allow your life to grow and expand.


Advantages of Vibosoft iPhone Data Eraser

  1. Transfers data to your PC without ANY loss
  2. The Interface is Detailed and Clear
  3. Single Click Category Export
  4. Advanced Search Features
  5. Speedy Transfer Speeds
  6. Enables use of your iPhone as a flash drive to store added data
  7. Compatible with most Windows Operating Systems
  8. Permanently Deletes Data


Disadvantages of Vibosoft iPhone Data Eraser

  1. Interface is not User Friendly
  2. Costs around $36 after the free trial period

disadvantage of vibosoft

The Best Alternative of Vibosoft iPhone Data Eraser

While Vibosoft has now introduced the iPhone Data Eraser for their line of products, iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac has been offering this product since its inception. iMyFone Umate Pro specializes in iOS devices focusing on safe, permanent data erasing, transfer, and user friendly options.

Try It FreeTry It Free

iMyFone Umate Pro has several advantages over other products. This product offers four ways in which to clear data from your iPhone, all safely and permanently.

Erase All Data option enables users to completely delete all data from their iPhone leaving absolutely no trace of the data to be recovered, nor any indication it had actually been wiped.

Erase Deleted Files allows you to find many already deleted files and wipe them permanently.

Erase Private Fragments can help you erase many traces that you are not aware exists on your iPhone.

Erase Private Data allows you to erase the current data in your iPhone, and they will not be recoverable after erasing.

Erase deleted files

The iMyFone Umate Pro offers three levels of erasing. The lowest level simply erases the data and overwrites it with zeros to ensure it cannot be recovered. The medium level writes over the data with junk files to remove any traces of a wiping program having been used. Finally, the high level performs the remove to ensure no traces of data are anywhere to be found. All of this can be done for under $30.

The Comparison of Vibosoft and iMyFone Umate Pro

Apps and Metrics
Delete Cache/Cookies
Delete Temp Files
Erase Browsing History
Erase WhatsApp Data
Clear Other Storage
Compress Photos
Mass Delete Photos/Videos
Bulk Remove Apps
Erase All Data
Erase Private Data
Erase Deleted Files

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