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Is Safe to Force Reset iPhone X/8/8 Plus? [Answered]

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Aaron Donald

June 25, 2018 (Updated: June 25, 2018锛

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Being a new flagship device in the iPhone series, released in November 2017, the iPhone X has still got a lot of users confused about basic iPhone operations from previous devices. If you have tried, you would have noticed that a force reset on iPhone X doesn鈥檛 work like it used to on other iPhones.

If you have been wondering how to do some of these operations like a force reset, then we have written this post with you in mind.

What Exactly does Force Reset Do?

A force reset is pretty much like restarting your iPhone. You don鈥檛 lose any data or settings in a force reset. However, unlike a normal restart, you don鈥檛 use any on-screen controls. You have to use only the buttons on your device. Here鈥檚 why.

If your iPhone is stuck, frozen or if the screen is unresponsive, no amount of swiping will move the power button from On to Off. So your normal restart is pretty much useless in this situation.

When you鈥檙e in this situation, your only option is to force reset the iPhone. This will bypass the normal restart command and force the iPhone to do a restart.

The point of doing the force reset is to make your iPhone X/8/8 Plus usable again. It could be because you have done a Jailbreak on the device and it鈥檚 no more responsive or because you have a virus on the iPhone.

How to Force Reset iPhone X/8/8 Plus

You can force restart your iPhone X/8/8 plus by doing the following:

  1. Quick press and release the 鈥淰olume Up鈥 button.
  2. Quick press and release the 鈥淰olume Down鈥 button.
  3. Press and hold the 鈥淪ide鈥 button until the iPhone scree goes blank and then turns back on. Release the 鈥淪ide鈥 button once the Apple logo appears.
  4. Force Reset iPhone X

    Please note that what was formerly called the 鈥淪leep/Wake鈥 button is now the 鈥淪ide鈥 button.

    How to Permanently Force Reset iPhone X/8/8 Plus

    Sometimes, a force reset will not take care of your iPhone X problems. If the situation has really taken hold of your device, a simple force reset will not solve anything and you may continue to have problems with the device.

    In this situation, you can use iMyFone Umate Pro to do a permanent force reset rather than through your iPhone alone. Umate Pro is a top notch iPhone data eraser that allows you ultimate control over your device data and privacy. It provides high standard device privacy and security so when you do a permanent force reset on your device, you have no fears that the data remains recoverable.

    Guide to Permanently Reset iPhone X/8/8 Plus:

    Umate Pro gives you four great erasing modes that settle your privacy fears by allowing you Erase All Data, Erase Deleted Files, Erase Private Data and Erase Private Fragments. You also get a great cleaning feature that lets you Free Up Space in One Click. With Umate Pro, you can access the ultimate force reset in the following easy steps.

    Step 1: Start up iMyFone Umate Pro. Connect your iPhone to your PC. You will be directed to the homepage.

    Step 2: There are four erasing options available on the Umate Pro homepage. Select the 鈥Erase All Data鈥 tab and click 鈥Erase鈥.

    iMyFone Umate Pro Reset

    Step 3: Type 鈥delete鈥 into the box. You will also see a Security Level tab. You can choose from three security levels.

    iMyFone Umate Pro Reset

    Step 4: Click the 鈥Erase Now鈥 button to erase the private data you have selected. Keep your device connected to your PC and do not use it while the erase process is ongoing.

    Features of Umate Pro That You Would Like to Know:

    • The erasing modes in Umate Pro allow you to delete your device data and have it 100% gone. It would not be recoverable in any format, even by the FBI.
    • You can completely wipe the existing files or deleted files which are still recoverable.
    • You can erase the whole iPhone at once or selectively wipe some private data with preview.
    • Worried about privacy leak on third-party apps? Umate Pro helps scan private traces left by apps and thoroughly erase them.

    Don鈥檛 Force but Permanently Reset Your iPhone... Want to Know Why?

    Now you may be wondering why you would need to permanently reset your iPhone X/8/8 plus instead of simply doing a force reset.

    The answer is pretty simple: a force reset may not solve your problems. Even after doing the force reset, your iPhone may still be slow, frozen, unresponsive and difficult to use.

    If, after trying everything else like a full cleaning and a force reset, your iPhone still continues to give you problems, then you need to do a permanent reset. You can鈥檛 do this on your iPhone or iTunes though. This is because any data you delete on your iPhone or iTunes still remains recoverable in some format. So those who know how can get their hands on it if they want to and this can lead to a security problem for you.

    You can only allay these fears by getting rid of the data fully and thoroughly. There鈥檚 only one way to do that: with iMyFone Umate Pro.

    Final Words:

    Now you know exactly how to do a force reset on your iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus and you know when you need more than a force reset and how to go about it.

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