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Quick & Easy Way to Get Photos off iPhone to Mac

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Tata Davis

November 2, 2016 (Updated: July 24, 2017)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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How to move your photos off iPhone to Macintosh PC is becoming a regular question on search engines from iPhone users worldwide. One may get to ask, "Why is everyone looking for the perfect solution to enable them move or synchronize photos from iPhone to Mac?" We have come to discover the salient reasons why you - just like everyone else - need to move your photos from iPhone to Macbook, and the reasons are stated bellow as follows:

  1. When iPhone space gets too small to contain your files
  2. When need arises to Sync your photos in order to safeguard them
  3. When you need to move photos to protect against privacy leak
  4. When you are about to upgrade to the new iPhone 7
  5. When you need to return your Ex's or company's iPhone

If you find yourself in any of these instances and examples listed above, you will need to learn how best to get your photos off your iPhone to Mac.

Four Ways to Get your Photos off Your iPhone to Mac

We shall be discussing four different methods through which you can import your iPhone photos to Mac with few steps.

1 Import Photos from iPhone to Mac Using USB Connect

I believe that among all the conventional methods of moving iPhone photos to PC, using USB cable is the fastest means. Your Macintosh is by default programmed to access your photo app and photo's in your iPhone's camera roll automatically once your iPhone is connected to your Mac. At the point of accessing your iPhone photos, it will only take you the following two steps to complete the process of getting photos off iPhone to Mac.

Step 1: All you need do is to click on "Import All New Photos" and every photo on your iPhone will be synchronized to your Mac. You can select the photos you would like to get off your iPhone by individually clicking on them.
Step 2: You can choose the option of automatically deleting photos once they are copied to your Mac to save some storage space.

getting photos off iphone to mac

2 Getting Photos off iPhone to Mac with Image Capture

Image Capture has been an old app used to import pictures to PC even before iPhone was born. It is still useful today especially for photographers who would love to organize and edit all pictures taken with their iPhone on their Mac. You can also use Image Capture to arrange photos in folders that are separate from the main photo library on your Mac desktop.

To use Image Capture in getting your pictures off iPhone to Mac, you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac using your USB cable and launch the Image Capture app.
Step 2: A list of all your photos will be displayed, you can either import them selectively or at once to a folder. You can delete photos from your iPhone after importing them to your Mac using the option on Image Capture.

getting photos off iphone to mac

3 Take Photos off iPhone to Mac using iCloud

There are two ways of getting your photos off iPhone to Mac using iCloud. They are iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream.

  • Using iCloud Photo Library: once this option is turned on in your iPhone and Mac using the same iCloud account, your iPhone Photos will automatically upload to the iCloud account and downloaded on your Mac.
  • Using My Photo Stream: The two differences between using iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream is that My Photo Stream stores up photos on iCloud for only 30 days. Hence, you will need to activate My Photo Stream on both your iPhone and Mac before 30 days to synchronize your iCloud pictures to your Mac.

take photos off iphone to mac

4 Getting Photos off iPhone to Mac with iMyFone Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is an app that best gives you the needed edge in managing your iPhone Photos, This PC tool can be used to compress your iPhone Photos to recover over 75% of your photo storage space, or mass delete all your iPhone photos in 1-click. Before compression or deletion, all original photos will be backed up automatically on your Mac, so both these 2 ways will transfer your iPhone photos to your Mac.

Windows version Mac version

In order to access, backup, compress and delete your iPhone photos from your Mac using iMyFone Umate Pro, the following steps will be useful.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac and launch iMyFone Umate Pro. Select the 1-Click Cleanup option and click on Quick Scan.

Step 2: After the space saving analysis (Scan) has been completed, you can click on Photos to compress, backup photos on your Mac and delete iPhone photos.

imyfone Umate

Step 3: Once this process has been completed, you will recover your iPhone photo storage back.

getting photos off iphone to mac

A Comparison of The 4 Methods of Getting Photos off iPhone to Mac

USB connect
Image Capture
The USB connect is a fast way of getting your photos off your iPhone to your Mac.
Image Capture can be used to group your photos in formats and folders for better accessibility and easy use.

iCloud is a free way of storing your photos and sharing it among your other devices.
iMyFone Umate Pro is sufficient for both space saving and privacy protection.
However, this process may not be able to delete your private photos permanently from iPhone.
It is a bit complex to understand especially if you are not a professional photographer.
  • iCloud is expensive for those who would need extra storage above the free 5GB.
  • It may also lead to privacy leak.
Though it has the free trial version, you should pay for the full version.

From the forgoing, it is certain and beyond doubts that iMyFone Umate Pro is the best tool and method of moving iPhone photos to Mac. Umate offers several unique options such as:

  • Preview before deleting photos
  • Free cleanup for junk & temporary files
  • Permanently erase files (photos included) beyond recovery to avoid privacy leak
  • Erase previously deleted files to render them unrecoverable
  • Clear photo caches to free up iPhone storage space
  • Clear redundant files, large files, Apps, App attachments to recover more storage space on iPhone
  • Therefore, I urge you to download and install iMyFone Umate Pro today.

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