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Making the Most of iPhone Photo Manager For New Users

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Tata Davis

November 1, 2016 (Updated: April 13, 2017锛

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If you were able to access iPhone device belonging to a user and you checked the gallery, you will likely see lots of photos. Perhaps, you too have this device with lots of photos stored up. No doubt, you might have at one time or the other ran into trouble trying to organize those photos. You might be experiencing clustering of photos and other problems. If you are facing any of the problems just mentioned. You will need an iPhone photo manager.

A photo manager helps in many ways, but the most useful help you can have from it is the ability to manage and organize your photos easily. There are many iPhone photo managers out there, but 3 stands out. They are Umate Pro, TunesGo, and MyPics.

Top 3 iPhone Photo Manager

1 iMyFone Umate Pro

Among the above 3 iPhone photo managers, the first one 鈥 iMyFone iPhone Photo Manager or iMyFone iPhone Photo Manager for Mac 鈥 is the ideal photo manager you want to go for. Umate Pro helps in no small way to manage and organize your photos. To better understand why Umate Pro is the best photo manager you should have, let us look at some key features.

Windows version Mac version

  • Preview All Photos: Umate Pro enables you to preview your photos and organize them as you want. To preview your photos, you just need to activate the app on your iPhone and you will be able to preview all your photos quickly and make a selection.
  • Compress Photos: This is a great feature of Umate Pro that is not found in other iPhone photo managers out there. Compressing (make smaller) photos help you to conserve space in your iPhone.
  • Bulk Delete Multiple Photos: Instead of deleting photos one by one, you can bulk delete those photos you no longer need using Umate Pro. Deleting photos this way save time.
  • Permanently Erase Photos: Get rid of photos you no longer by applying Umate Pro and you will discover how effective the software can be. It helps to permanently erase any photo without a chance of recovery, giving you maximum privacy.
  • Erase Previously Deleted Photos: Anyone can access all those photos you deleted previously with a data recovery tool, but Umate Pro will permanently erase these previously deleted photos, making that no one else can get access to them.
  • Back Up Your Photos / Transfer Photos to PC: Umate Pro also helps to back up original photos to PC before deletion or compression, making it impossible to lose your vital photos that serve as memory.
  • Different Erasing Options: There are different erasing modes that you select from that fit a particular need.

iphone photo manager

2 Wondershare TunesGo

TunesGo is another iPhone photo manager that you may have. It helps to easily organize photos. It can transfer photos between Apple devices. You can also use it to delete photo with a single click. Another feature of TunesGo is its ability to turn photos into GIF images. It is definitely a good option to try out too.

Wondershare TunesGo

3 MyPics

It performs similar functions to that of TunesGo, but you can do much more with MyPics. For example, you can view your photos in a calendar view. This allows you to know how many photos were taken in a month or the number of photos you took the previous year on the same date. It also allows customization of photos by grouping them album by album. Surely, this is one of good photo managers you should look at.


Why Umate Pro is better option than TunesGo and MyPics

  • Unlike other iPhone photo manager, Umate Pro helps you organize photo better and with a good view too.
  • It is the only photo manager that can erase previously deleted photo permanently without a chance of recovery. This protects your privacy as no one will be able to access those photos.
  • You can delete with TunesGo or MyPics with a single click, but Umate Pro gives up to 4 erasing options. You simply select one that matches your peculiar need.
  • As far as securing your photo is concerned, Umate Pro is a better option as it back up your photos securely.

No doubt, you stand to benefit greatly by choosing Umate Pro as your preferred iPhone photo manager and you will be glad you did.

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