Since the launch of a new version of iOS 13, iPhone has had the chance to explore and go beyond previous versions. Part of the features included in iOS 13 is a face ID security and also ensuring group FaceTime call is possible. With iOS 13 group Facetime, you can call your loved ones at once without stress. This is like a conference video call with more than one person involved, that is why it is a group call.

This article will explain everything you need to know about iOS 13 group facetime call and how to apply effects when making this group call with friends, family and loved ones.

Part 1: How to Place A Group FaceTime Call on iOS 13

iOS 13 has made it possible to chat via video/FaceTime call with close to about 32 people at the same time. This is designed under a unique interface where people form groups and place a Group FaceTime Call to communicate with all at once.

However, the most important thing here is that all group members have an iOS 13 installed on their devices. Group FaceTime becomes easy to use with all participants having all the necessary requirements in place.
There are 2 ways to place a Group FaceTime Call on iOS 13, they include;

1. FaceTime App: With the aid of the FaceTime App, you can add all your participants of a maximum of 32 as a group and then place a call to them easily.

Step 1: Download and install a FaceTime App.
Step 2: Click on “+” on the right side of your screen.
Step 3: Input names of participants in the “To” field.
Step 4: After inputting all names of participants, then you are ready to place a call to them at once. It is important you select the audio or video option; each participant gets a notification you want to FaceTime with them.

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2. Messaging App: This is another way to place a Group FaceTime call, only which this has to do with messages rather than a Facetime application.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to an existing multi-person conversation or better still, create a new message thread to FaceTime.
Step 2: Input the names of the participants of your group into the field at the top side of your screen.
Step 3: Select the FaceTime option. Here, the text is converted into either a video or an audio call.

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Part 2: How to Join An Existing Group FaceTime Call

If you are in a group chat on Messaging app, you can easily be initiated into a Group FaceTime Call. However, before you get into the conversation, you are asked whether you would love to join the conversation at that time or not.

How to join an Existing Group FaceTime Call:
Step 1: Firstly, you need to have an iOS 13 installed.
Step 2: On your messaging app or FaceTime app, a notification or request is sent whether you would love to join a Group FaceTime call or not.
Step 3: Click on “Join” and get started with your friends and group of many.

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Part 3: How to Add Another Person Through Group FaceTime

For whoever is initiating a Group FaceTime call, adding another person to the group is very easy. Adding another person through FaceTime is an easy task if such person is using an iOS 13 installed devices and at the same time, the group hasn鈥檛 reached its full limit.

How to add another person through FaceTime:
Step 1: Check if the group is not more than 32 participants.
Step 2: On your messaging app or FaceTime app, tap on “Add person
Step 3: Send the new participant an invite for a Group FaceTime call by adding his or her name.
Step 4: Ensure the new participant accepts the invite for a video or audio call by clicking on “Join”.

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Part 4: How to Leave A Group FaceTime Call

Leaving a group FaceTime Call is one of the easiest things to do. You can leave a group facetime call for many reasons, most of them are mainly because you are no more interested. Unlike being added by someone, leaving is optional and depends on the participant without the person who initiated the group chat.

How to leave a Group FaceTime Call
Step 1: Go to the bottom part of your screen, click on “X” mark. X signifies Exit.
Step 2: Confirm to leave the group FaceTime call or chat.

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Part 5: How to Apply Effects in Group FaceTime

In addition to the Group FaceTime call on iOS 13, a new feature which involves applying effects via an effect camera can be used. This effect camera adds special features to your chat. However, this Group FaceTime call allows multi-effects which would be displayed to participants of the group chat at the same time.

How to apply effects
Step 1: In the FaceTime call, click on the star shaped icon at the bottom left side of the screen.
Step 2: Options including Animoji and Memoji, filters, stickers, texts are provided for you to select from. Memoji and Animoji however supports phones with TrueDepth Camera system.
Step 3: Select out of these options and have your effects applied.

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If you are looking for a way to improve chatting on your device, a Group FaceTime call won鈥檛 be such a bad idea. This is an opportunity for you to get the new version of iOS installed on your device. This platform allows you to chat with more than one people at once and allows you use special effects during your chat or call.