How do I Lock My iPhone?

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Sometimes, we may want to lock our iOS device, and this can be due to some reasons. Some people lock their smartphones because they don’t want an intruder to gain access to some private files on their device while other is just for security purpose. Irrespectively of the reasons behind wanting to lock your device, this article will answer you the question: how do I lock my iPhone?

How do I Lock My iPhone on Apps, Notes, Photos and Auto Lock

1 How to Lock Apps on iPhone

You may want to lock apps on your iPhone for any of the following reason

  • For security purposes
  • To prevent people from gaining access to personal data
  • To protect some classified information

Use the following steps to lock your apps

Step 1: On your iOS device, go to SETTINGS, then click on GENERAL and move down and select RESTRICTIONS.
Step 2: Click on ENABLE RESTRICTIONS and type a restriction password which you must not forget, you will need it to change the settings and disable restrictions when you please. In case you don’t remember the passcode, you will need to reset your iOS device and set up a new one to erase the passcode.
Step 3: Now, move down through the list and customize the types of content, apps, and settings you want accessible by other people. Under the ALLOW category, stop any apps you don’t want people to access except if they have your approval. You can deactivate Restriction anytime you like.

lock apps

2 How to Lock Notes on iPhone

Use the steps below to lock notes with Touch ID or password

Step 1: Open Notes from your home screen.
Step 2: Click on an existing or type a new one.
Step 3: Click on the SHARE tab.
Step 4: Press LOCK NOTE.
Step 5: Lock Note with your Touch ID.

lock notes

If you prefer to use password, tap ENTER PASSWORD, input your preferred password and press OK.

3 How to Lock Photos on iPhone

If you want to lock photos on iPhone, you can do that using the Notes App. The steps below will guide you on how to go about it.

Step 1: Select the photo you want to lock.
Step 2: Click on the SHARE icon and save the image on Notes app.
Step 3: After saving the image, open the note containing the photo, click on the SHARE icon and LOCK the note.
Step 4: Go to the photo app and delete the picture you have locked on Notes app.

4 How to turn off or change Auto Lock

If Auto Lock is not turned off, your iDevice will automatically lock after some minutes of inactivity. Peradventure, you are tired of dealing with this issue of lock screen every time, you can turn it off completely or simply change the amount of time it takes to lock.

How to Turn off Auto Lock on iPhone

Step 1: From the Home Screen, go to SETTINGS.
Step 2: Click on DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS.
Step 3: Press AUTO LOCK.
Step 4: Click on the NEVER option.

turn off auto lock

How to Change Auto Lock on iPhone 6s

Step 1: Go to SETTINGS from the Home Screen.
Step 3: Tap AUTO LOCK.
Step 4: Click on the TIMING you want..

How to Avoid Privacy Leak on Your iDevice

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