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How Do I Wipe My iPhone? Any Easy & Effective Ways?

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Tata Davis

September 14, 2016 (Updated: December 19, 2017锛

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As an iPhone user, there can be a variety of reasons that can require you to wipe the entire data from your iPhone. Some of the most common reasons include, selling your iPhone, giving it for repair, virus attack, inability to remove some particular file, and problems due to shortage of storage space. If you have never wipes the data from your iPhone in the past, this post is where you will find all your answers.

So, let us help you understand the process of wiping the entire data from your iPhone.

There is a basical method that are commonly used by people to wipe their iPhone- Using Settings of iPhone or through iTunes.

How to Wipe Your iPhone from Settings

Step 1. Go to Settings > General, and navigate to the 鈥渞eset鈥 button.
Step 2. Press 鈥淓rase All Content and Settings鈥 to have your iPhone erased.

erase iphone

While these are the most common methods used to wipe iPhone, there is another safer and simpler solution which is iMyFone Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac provides users with multiple ways to delete data from iPhone, like 1-Click Free Up Space, Erase Private Data, Erase All Data, and Erase Deleted Files. Moreover, unlike wiping data with the help of iTunes or directly from the device, the software is a completely safe way for wiping data and managing the storage of iPhone. It offers a variety of advantages over other methods and some of advantages are mentioned below锛

Windows version Mac version

Advantages of Wiping Your iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

Unrecoverable Erasing of All iPhone Data: Majority of the other methods used to delete data from iPhone are not full-proof. There are many tools available on the internet with the help of which the data can be recovered again, so leading to privacy leak. However, the files that are erased with iMyFone Umate Pro are wiped forever and no tool can ever recover them again.

Erase Deleted Files:As mentioned above, normal deleted files can be recovery by special tools, so Umate Pro offer the option to detect and erase your previously deleted files, to make sure that all your sensitive files will be erased permanently.

Selectively Erase Private Data: If you don鈥檛 want to delete all the data from your iPhone and want to save some files, then this software allows you to selectively delete data from your iPhone to eliminate the need to create backups and provide you with instant results.

1-Click to Solve Storage Related Problems: The software comes with a 1-Click Free Up Storage feature which helps in eliminating storage related problems in your iPhone with a single click. By selecting this feature, you will be able to free up a lot of space from your device.

How to Wipe Your iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 1锛 Download iMyFone Umate Pro in your computer. After downloading it successfully, connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the software.

connect iphone

Step 2锛 On the left side of the software鈥檚 interface you will find Erase All Data tab, click on it and then select Erase.

erase iphone data

Step 3锛 You will now be required to manually type the word 鈥渄elete鈥 to confirm your choice.

how do i wipe my iphone

Step 4锛 You can also choose from three different Security Levels- Low, Medium and High for erasing data. Medium level is generally recommended.

wipe iphone

Step 5锛 After typing 鈥渄elete鈥 and selecting the security level, click on Erase Now and the software will start wiping your iPhone.

As you can see, iMyFone Umate Pro is extremely simple to use and provides you with a number of advantages over other wiping methods. And with all the different types of features of this software, you are sure to experience an enhanced control on the storage of your iPhone.

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