There is no doubt that WeChat is a great app for iPhone users because of its ability to be used in video calling, messaging, and voice calling among other impressive features. But have you ever thought of your WeChat messages, videos and pictures falling into the wrong hands and probably being used against you?

In reality, this is what happens to some people and it is something we must avoid at all cost. This means that WeChat privacy issues exits on iPhone and we should work hard to protect it, else it becomes a problem that may become difficult to handle. This article looks at how we can protect our WeChat Privacy on iPhone.

Part 1: What are the Common WeChat Privacy Issues?

  • Message Interception and Retrieval by Third Parties: This is a privacy concern when it comes to WeChat. The reality is that even your deleted WeChat messages can be retrieved by a third party which can harm your privacy.
  • Photos Retrieval: The photos being sent around on WeChat may not be private even if they get deleted along the line because it can be retrieved by any interested party.
  • Accessing Your Device: The reality is that anyone who gets your device can open the WeChat app can view your WeChat communication. This is a source for concern to anyone who values their privacy.
  • Simple Delete is not enough: Unfortunately, deleting your WeChat messages, videos etc through the app itself is not enough as it can be easily retrieved.
  • Location Data Reporting: This is a serious privacy issue because it is capable of reporting location data and quoting messages that are sent via the platform limiting your privacy in the process.

Part 2: How to Setup Security in WeChat on iPhone

In order to reduce the privacy concerns in WeChat, it is important to set up a kind of security. This will help to keep your WeChat account safe and secured in a way. The following are the step by step guide to set up WeChat security.

Step 1: Tap Me and then Settings.
Step 2: Then tap on Privacy. Here, you can choose to disable 鈥淔ind me by Phone no鈥, 鈥渇ind me by WeChat ID鈥, 鈥楩ind mobile contacts鈥 and even enable friend confirmation settings.
Step 3: Tap on Moments and disable public moments.
Step 4: Go to features and disable People nearby, drifty bottle etc.

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Part 3: Permanently Erase iPhone WeChat Private Data to Avoid WeChat Privacy Leak

The truth of the matter is that the only way to avoid falling into the privacy leak problem is to erase WeChat private data permanently. However, it is important to mention that erasing it permanently requires using a capable tool instead of just deleting them via the app itself.

When you want to erase your WeChat data permanently so that it cannot be recovered again, then the iMyFone iPhone WeChat Data Eraser or WeChat Data Eraser for Mac is your best solution. The WeChat Eraser is the world鈥檚 number 1 All-in-one solution for your iOS space saving and privacy protection on iOS. It is capable of wiping out your iPhone WeChat data safely and permanently using any of 5 modes that are well designed to erase all kinds of data. It can do a lot for you:

Windows version Mac version

  • Erase WeChat Messages: This can be done by simply using the 鈥淓rase Private Data鈥 mode or other erase mode to wipe out your WeChat messages.
  • Erase WeChat Photos and Videos: Umate Pro is capable of erasing the photos and videos on your WeChat and ensure that they cannot be retrieved again.
  • Erase All WeChat Private Fragment Traces: Note that WeChat will leave some fragments behind which could cause some privacy issues. However, Umate Pro is capable of scan out all these traces and erase them permanently.
  • Erase Previously Deleted WeChat data: If you have already deleted your WeChat data via simple deletion which is not enough, don鈥檛 worry, all hope is not lost because Umate Pro can show these previously deleted files and erase them permanently with no chance of recovery.

Steps of Using the iMyFone WeChat Data Eraser for iPhone/iPad

Fortunately, the Umate Pro is easy to use with the following quick steps:

Step 1: Install the program on your PC, run it and connect your device to it.

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Step 2: Select any of the Erase mode suitable for the task.

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Step 3: Click on the 鈥淓rase Now鈥 button to erase your WeChat data permanently and protect your privacy.

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Why Simple Deletion on iPhone is Not Enough

One way of deleting WeChat private data is by simply deleting it via the app itself but unfortunately this is not enough. The reason is that simple deletion like this method cannot erase them permanently from your device.

The implication is that they can be retrieved with modern data recovery tools even after deletion and this is bad for your privacy. Therefore, avoid simple deletion because it does not solve the problem rather go for capable tools that can erase WeChat data permanently.