How to Choose an Professional iOS File Explorer?

We must all have used a number of different file explorers to carry out a number of things. An iOS file explorer is essential in order to allow us to manage our files properly. Come to think of it, a file explorer is a necessity these days given the amount of data that we share and store.

With such a huge number of files on our devices, it becomes quite obvious that we need an iOS file explorer to monitor, transfer, delete or add files across multiple devices. So what are some of the most commonly used file explorers for iOS?

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is perhaps the most widely used free online file manager to organize your files. Be it videos, photos or other types of data, you can easily access this app to view and share your data with others.

It is quite a versatile tool that is compatible not only with iOS devices but also with Windows. This means you will not have trouble transferring files between these two platforms using Dropbox. Moreover, the app allows you to back up photos easily through its Camera Upload feature. If you are concerned about your increasing number of files and want an app that is easily accessible, then Dropbox is the answer to your troubles.


2. OneDrive

You must surely have heard of OneDrive. It is again a universal iOS file explorer that is developed by Microsoft. The greatest benefit of using OneDrive as your primary file explorer is that you get up to 15 GB of space for free. Moreover, it is quite easy to use between different platforms including iOS.


3. Documents 5

Documents 5 is another amazing file managing app. Its main benefit is that it is not only a file manager but also a media player and file viewer. In addition to letting you perform basic file managing functions, it also allows you to download articles.

Documents 5

Disadvantages of using these file explorers

You must be wondering why we added this section. Well, no matter how great the aforementioned apps are, they have their downsides.

For one, they provide you with only a limited amount of storage for free. To get more, you will need to pay for their services. In fact, Dropbox only allows 2 GB of space which is quite less given the number of files we have today.

Furthermore, Dropbox is not secure enough and there have been cases where files have been leaked.

Another disadvantage of using Dropbox is that the developers can access the files of those who have created accounts for free and remove those files. This means if you log into your Dropbox account after perhaps 2 to 3 months, there is a good chance your files will not be there.

As far as OneNote is concerned, it is quite difficult to use. For those who are new, they may find it confusing. Apart from that, being a Microsoft App, it does have its limitations when it comes to being used on iOS devices.

Documents 5, on the other hand, has problems with its performance. The app seems to crash most of the times when used on iOS 10.

Given the disadvantages of the aforementioned iOS file explorers, it is quite natural for you to avoid using them. However, one cannot do without these apps as we have a number of files to store and manage.

Umate Pro: All-in-one iOS Solution for File Transfer and Privacy Protection

In order to be sure that your files are secure and that you have enough space on your iPhone itself, one can use a data erasing software such as iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. It is a very unique data erasing tool that lets you delete and transfer files in a jiffy. It comes in four different modes that allow you the flexibility to transfer files according to the way you want.

Windows version Mac version

You can use this iOS file explorer to transfer photos and videos as well between your iDevice and PC. Some of the main features are mentioned below.

1 Transfer iOS Photos to PC

With iMyFone Umate Pro, you can easily transfer, compress and delete photos. You can preview and select the photos to transfer. And to delete them from iOS Device or not, it’s up to you. If want to save the photos on your device, choose the compress option; if not, choose the delete option. Compression will reclaim 75% of your photo space on your device.

Transfer iOS Photos

2 Explorer iOS Videos to PC

Worried that those large videos are taking up too much space? Or is that you are concerned about the safety of personal videos? Whatever the case, with Umate Pro, you can easily transfer all your videos to PC without having to go through the long boring process of deleting or backing them up manually.

Explorer iOS Videos

3 iPhone Basic Cleanup

This option lets you get rid of junk and temporary files such as app caches/cookies/temp files/crash logs, downloaded temp files, user storage files and corrupted files etc. It lets you save a lot of storage space as well. And junk & temporary files cleanup is totally free, you do not need to pay for it.

iPhone Cleanup

4 iPhone Privacy Protection

  • Erase All Data - You can use this feature to wipe your iPhone as if it were new.
  • Erase Private Data - If you want to delete files that you think are private, then this feature is for you. All erased files are cannot been recovered by any data recovery software.
  • Erase Deleted Files - You can use this function if you want to completely remove the files that you have recently deleted to avoid privacy leak.

privacy protection

As mentioned earlier, the one-click clean-up feature is quite useful in helping you explorer iOS files and free up storage space and thus making your life much easier when your search for files etc. Here are the steps that you need to carry out in order to use this iOS file explorer.

  1. Connect your device to your computer and launch iMyFone.
  2. Select the option one-click cleanup and then click “Quick Scan”
  3. After that, you can explorer photos and videos via the “Clean” button.

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