Snapchat is a messaging application that allows users share messages, photos and even short video clips among themselves. Since its initial release in 2011, it聽has gone popular and is now used by virtually everyone who lives in the social media world. From just a simple photo sharing and messenger app, Snapchat聽is now used for capturing live moments and sharing it with loved ones, friends and family. 聽A drawback to the use of Snapchat聽though, is that the photos and video clips which are uploaded tend to take a whole lot of phone memory space.

Why Does Snapchat Take Up So Much Storage?

Until 2016, the photos which are usually uploaded on Snapchat聽for person-to-person sharing had never stayed online for more than some seconds to few minutes. In order to upgrade the interface of their messenger application, Snapchat聽in 2016, introduced the Memory feature. Memory allows Snapchat聽users save photos and video clips which are uploaded on Snapchat. 聽These photos and videos are backed up automatically on cloud storage. This means that Snapchat聽users can now access their Snapchat聽stories from any mobile device of their choice. Hence, a lost or stolen phone wouldn't mean lost photos and video clips also.

However, though a nice update to the Snapchat interface, Snapchat聽users have since complained of a decline in phone memory storage since the introduction of the Memory 聽feature. The photos and video clips which are saved on cloud storage seem to occupy a large percentage of a phone’s storage. In addition to this, as the photos and videos are being stored in cloud storage, the Snapchat Memory cache can spike up and also occupy a large percentage of your phone’s storage.

How to Clear Snapchat Documents and Data?

Snapchat documents and data can be cleared by two major ways. One is by using an application which clears unwanted data from your mobile device. The other is by clearing the Memories cache of your device.

Best Way to Clear Snapchat Documents and Data

iMyFone Umate Pro is a mobile security application which is used for clearing up and deleting private details from your mobile device. This could be either an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. iMyfone Umate Pro deletes these files without leaving a trace of them behind. It聽clears up your entire mobile phone storage to the extent that it still deletes files which are already marked as deleted.

What can iMyFone Umate Pro do with Snapchat:

  • Erase all Snapchat junk files without a penny.
  • Erase Snapchat temporary files to free up space for your phone.
  • Erase Snapchat fragments permanently to avoid privacy leak.
  • Clear Snapchat聽history permanently (using Erase All Data mode), including Snapchat聽messages, photos and video clips.
  • Deletes all files with no possibility of recovering them.

Steps to Delete Snapchat Documents and Data

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro at your computer. Then launch it and connect your phone to computer.

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Step 2. Click on Quick Scan button fora full space-saving analysis.

qclick quick scan

Step 3. Click the Clean button beside Junk Files and Temporary Files, then all these files including Snapchat data document and data will be removed from your device.

click clean to release space

Other features of iMyfone Umate Pro

  • Deletes all forms of data permanently including, messages, contacts, call history, safari data, system settings and more (Learn More >>).
  • Clears previous data which have been marked as deleted.
  • Allows you to preview files so that you can erase them selectively.
  • Erases third party app data permanently, such as WhatsApp messages & attachments, Wechat messages & attachments, Viber messages & attachments, Facebook, Youtube, and more.
  • A great amount of professional software review sites recommend iMyFone Umate Pro to protect privacy, including聽MacWorld,聽iPhoneinCanada,聽APPKED, etc.

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Clearing the Memory Cache of Your Device

The Memories cache on your mobile device is enough to occupy a large percentage of your phone storage. The cache contains the photos and videos which are saved to Memories. To free space on your mobile device and reduce the burden of low phone storage, you can clear up the Memories cache of your device. To delete clear Memories cache, follow the following directive:

Step 1. Click the Snapchat聽icon at the topmost part of the Camera screen.

Step 2. Click the settings icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down and click “Clear Cache”


Step 3. Click “Clear Memories Cache” 聽and then click confirm.


By doing this, you have successfully cleared the Memories cache of your device. It is important to note that clearing up the Memories cache doesn't delete the actual Memories on Snapchat. It only clears the the memories which are locally stored on your device.

You can also choose to save your Snapchat聽photos and videos to a different location on your mobile device rather than in Memories. To do this, follow the following directive:

  1. Click the Snapchat聽icon at the top of the camera.
  2. Click the settings icon.
  3. Click “Save To...”.
  4. Choose “Camera Roll only” so that your snaps and stories won't be saved to Memories.