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Easy ways to erase Browsing History on iPad iOS 13

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Aaron Donald

December 14, 2016 (Updated: September 5, 2019)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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After many months of browsing around the web on an iPad you might start to notice a little bit of a drop-off in performance. When you do notice a drop-off in performance in browsing you can find a few easy ways to get that correct immediately.

For example, if you have never tried to delete browsing history, iPad owners would do well to go about this and deal with the problem. Too much history builds up a system-heavy cache that is likely to hamper performance and reduce your viewing experience online by a pretty considerable margin!

Why Should I Delete my iPad Browser History?

Reason 1 Privacy Protection

Outside of performance reasons, taking the time to delete browsing history on iPad iOS12 is a very intelligent move. For one it helps you to retain your privacy which should be a source of immense pride for you. Privacy protection is very important and deleteing out your history allows you to make sure that nobody can see what you use your phone for. If you completely delete browsing history on iPad, website cannot trace your data again.

You might feel a little uncomfortable in doing that, but privacy is a big part of owning iPad. Do you really want your partner getting a good idea of what you are buying them for Christmas? Then wipe your iPad browser history.

erase safari


The best way to do so is to turn to iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. Simply deleting browsing history iPad does not actually destroy your website data. This is a data wiping tool that many people use to completely destroy iOS data so as to prevent themselves from privacy leak. To make sure that your browsing history on your iPad is completely wiped, it provides 2 modes for you to choose from.

Windows version Mac version

  • Erase Private Data: Here you can selectively erase current Safari history, Safari cache and Safari cookies on your iPad. Even the best recovery tools cannot retrieve any erased data.
  • Erase Deleted Files: If you have already deleted browsing history iPad, here is your best choice. It will help to find out the deleted browsing history which are under the risk of recovery and you can choose to permanently wipe them.
Supported iOS Data

  • "Erase All Data" supports all types of iOS data and files.
  • "Erase Private Data and Erase Deleted Files" support to individually wipe messages & SMS attachment, photos, voice memo, note & attachment, call history, contact, Safari history, Safari cache, Safari cookies, bookmark, calendar & reminder, WhatsApp data, WeChat data, SnapChat data, Viber data, etc.

Doing this makes sense as it will get rid of your private data like passwords, privacy options and also your browsing history. This is what we want to do – all you do is:

Step 1: Plug in your iPad to your PC and select erase mode like “Erase Deleted Files”.


Step 2: Hit “Scan” button and then you can preview the deleted browsing history on your iPad.


Step 3: Type “delete” into the box to allow the Wizard to run through and remove that excessive data – wiping iPad browser history is that simple.


Reason 2 Fix "Safari Keeps Crashing"

Another common reason to delete browsing history on iPad iOS 13 might be to deal with crashing – crashing can be caused by having too much data on the system which in turn can slow the whole thing down to a slog.

Solution: To help you deal with this, you can run the “1-Click Free Up Space” function on iMyFone Umate Pro. It is the all-in-one solution to remove all useless data from your iPad, like crash logs, corrupted files, photo cache, Safari cache, etc. It is for FREE trial. You don’t need to delete browsing history on iPad in this case.

Reason 3 Clean iPad iOS12 for More Space

If you never cleaned your iPad, it would be filled with much useless data. It’s time to completely clean your iPad.

Solution 1: Delete Browsing History on iPad

Go to “Settings > Safari > Delete History & Website Data”. All Safari browsing history on iPad will be deleted then.

Solution 2: Completely Clean Your iPad

If you have no idea where to start the cleaning process, you can consider iMyFone Umate Pro to help you.

  • Clean Junk Files & Temporary Files: It will help you to remove all useless data and files once and also reclaim space which is occupied by fragments.
  • Photo Manager: When transferring photos to computer, choose to losslessly compress photos or delete original photos from iPad, which will get back 75%+ photo space. Or you can also completely destroy some sensitive photos or deleted photos to avoid privacy leak.
  • Videos Manager: Videos, movies, audio books or other big files can be removed together here according to different file sizes or file types.
  • App Controller: You can uninstall a bulk of apps here once.
  • Data eraser: No matter for the current data on iPad or previously deleted files, they can be found out and completely destroyed, 100% unrecoverable.
  • WhatsApp Eraser: WhatsApp data can be permanently erased here. Chats messages, photos, videos or other data are inclusive. You can choose to only delete all messages or only erase all media.

By doing this, you make sure that you are going to see a much cleaner, effective iPad iOS 13. It should run smother and with far less problems than before!

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