Do you know that you can delete your Facebook messenger messages on your iOS device with the scope of gaining back your iPhone storage space in just few steps? Yes, it is very possible to regain your iOS storage space which have been occupied by Facebook messenger messages, documents, and media files. Hence, if your iPhone is running out of storage space, one quick way of regaining your storage space is to delete all or some messages from your iPhone using the following methods we are about to discuss with you.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages on iPhone iOS

When seeking a method to delete your messages on Facebook, you have to make a decision between one of two options: clearing a specific message or the entire conversation. But it does not matter; we list the detailed steps for both of the options:

Step 1: Delete Messages on Facebook

How to Delete a Specific Message on Facebook

1: Launch your Facebook messenger app from your iPhone.

2: Opening the conversation that contains the message you want to delete.

3: Click and hold the message you would like to delete. Here you will see a menu showed up with black color.

4: Click on Delete to remove it from your iPhone.

how to delete Facebook messages

How to Delete Facebook Conversations

1: Run Facebook app on your iPhone and locate the conversations you want to delete.

2: Swipe left across the conversation you would like to erase.

3: Click on 鈥楧elete鈥 to remove this conversations from your iPhone.

how to delete Facebook conversations


To delete Facebook messages on iPhone is easy, but there are still lots of fragments left. Some professional recovery software in market can easily recover your messages using the left fragments. So, in order to avoid privacy leak, you must permanently erase these left fragments.

Step 2: Permanently Delete Facebook Fragments

In order to prevent any form of privacy leakages that may arise from a hack, you must permanently delete the fragments left by Facebook. Then it is recommended that you use iMyFone Umate Pro. This software provides a variety of data erasing solutions for iOS users. You can scan and erase any type of files from your iPhone permanently via this software. By permanently erasing the fragments via Umate Pro, you can make sure that no one can recover your Facebook messages.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • Permanently erase private fragments leftover by deleted third-party apps, like Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and 10+ more.
  • Preview and erase previously deleted files so that there is no trace of these files even after deletion ever.
  • Permanently erase deleted private data to avoid privacy leak.
  • Permanently erase messages, contacts, call logs, photos, personal videos, browsing history and more from iPhone.
  • Offer four erasure modes that suits all kinds of data erasure needs on iOS devices.

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Steps to Permanently Delete Facebook Fragments

1. Connect your iPhone to PC with a cable, and launch Umate Pro.

2. Click on the fourth mode 鈥淓rase Private Fragment鈥 and click 鈥淪can鈥 to proceed.

erase private fragment

3. Go through the list of your private data and select 鈥淔acebook鈥.

Facebook messenger messages deletion

4. Click on 鈥淓rase Now鈥 button and select a security level for this operation.


After you have completed these steps, be rest assured that all your Facebook messages are rendered unrecoverable.

How to Delete Facebook Messages on Computer

You might prefer deleting the Facebook messages on computer, the process is as easy as it on iPhone. Here we'll show you what steps to take:

1. Open Facebook and login with your ID & Password.

2. At the top right of the screen, you'll see the messagesicon. Click on it.


3. Open the conversation and locate the message you want to delete, then hover your mouse cursor over a message, you will see a triple-dot icon, click on it.


4. Select Delete Conversation, it will ask you to confirm it. Choose Delete Conversation.


Can I Unsend a Message on Facebook Once It Has Been Sent?

Ever sent a message to your friend and then wished you hadn't? So, can we unsend messages once the messages have been sent? Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to unsend or remove the sent messages from the person's inbox unless you can get access to his/her phone. Though there is no way to unsend the message on Facebook, you can switch to other messaging app which allows you to unsend a message.

Recall a Message

Most of messaging apps (such as Wechat,Skype) have a function called "Recall" which lets you to delete the sent messages from its server. When a message is recalled, the recipients are no longer able to access this message or its file attachments. The only thing that recipients will see is a notice that the message has been recalled by the sender.

Here are the steps to recall a message on Wechat:

1. Press the message you want to recall until a menu showed up.


2. At the left of the menu, you'll see Recall. Tap on it to unsend the message.


Then the embarrassing messages will be unsent and you'll see a notice that you've recalled a message.

Completely Erase Private Data on iPhone to Avoid Privacy Leak

How to delete messenger messages on iPhone cannot be fully discussed if we do not share tips on how to use Umate Pro in completely erasing other private data on iPhone.

Private data are mostly generated by social media and messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, etc. call histories and media files are also included in this class of data. However, without erasing this personal information from your iPhone, they can accumulate to occupy your storage space, and lead to data breach.

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