When you use Safari on your iPhone, it has a tendency to showcase your frequently visited sites. What if the sites that you’ve been visiting are...less than wholesome, though? If someone borrows your phone for a second to look something up, they could end up seeing things that you’d rather they not see!

Whatever the reason, having those frequently visited sites listed so obviously in your browser can violate your privacy. Let’s take a look at how to remove this feature below.

How to Remove Frequently Visited Sites on Safari for iPhone

First let’s take a look at how to remove individual listings of your visited sites. This is different from disabling it completely. You’ll still have a list of frequently visited sites, but you’ll be able to remove the objectionable ones individually. Here is how you do this:

Step 1. Go on Safari on your iPhone, and double-tap the square near the bottom of the screen.<br/ >Step 2. After that, open a new tab. You should see a list of your frequently visited sites.<br/ >Step 3. Long-press on any one of the listings and eventually the option to delete should come up. Tap it and that will delete the site from the list of frequently visited sites.

clear safari history
This works great if you’re not planning on regularly visiting a site anymore, but are bothered that it showed up in your frequently visited sites list.

How to Permanently Delete Your Safari History

"There’s something important that you should know, though. Just manually deleting you site history doesn’t mean it’s really gone, though. If someone has special snooping software, they can actually find your Safari history and look at what sites you’ve been visiting, even if you “deleted” that history.

The truth is that when you manually delete something, it just hangs around in your storage until it is overwritten. Before then, it is recoverable. If you really care about your privacy, then you’ll need to use a special tool to permanently erase it."

One such tool that works really well is iMyFone Umate Pro Win/Mac. This is an iPhone data eraser that can permanently remove private data and leave no trace. Permanently deleting means that no one can recover your history. This is a lot more secure than manually deleting, where the data is still recoverable.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • Delete Safari history, Safari cookies, Safari cache and any other private data, and make it unrecoverable, even by hackers.
  • Find and remove Safari history that you previously deleted manually, but that are still present in your phone’s storage, behind the scenes.
  • Wipe private fragments that third-party apps leave behind to secure your privacy.
  • Delete all your phone’s data permanently. (This works great if you’re selling or giving away your phone.)

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How to Permanently Delete your Safari History:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer and has iMyFone Umate Pro enabled.

iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 2: Choose the Erase Private Data mode and click Scan.

iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 3: Browse and select the files you want to delete, like Safari history, Safari cookies, Safari cache, etc.

iMyFone Umate Pro
Step 4: Click Erase Now and confirm this action.

Now your Safari history should be permanently removed beyond recovery.

Tip: How to Disable Frequently Visited Sites on Safari iPhone

If you just can’t stop visiting the same embarrassing sites over and over, then you might want to just disable this feature altogether, so you don’t have to keep deleting it from your iPhone. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Go into Settings on your iPhone and tap Safari.
  2. Under where it says General, you will see the option to turn off Frequently Visited Sites. Just toggle it to the “off” position

Disable Frequently Visited Sites

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