How to Delete History on iPod Touch? The Fix!

iPod Touch is one of the best Apple devices because it is very easy to carry around. People normally use it to watch videos and enjoy music. Besides, iPod Touch can be used to search for information, text messages etc.

But note that all operations are normally stored on the iPod Touch and over time, it could become a privacy concern especially when discarding or selling the device. You may just have to delete history on iPod Touch at least to protect your privacy. Other reasons could be as a result of lack of storage space which could have an impact on the efficiency of the device.

Method 1Delete iPod Touch History from the Device

1 Delete Browser History in Safari

  1. Open Safari on your iPod Touch.
  2. Go to the “Bookmark” tab. Some versions have it on the bottom right corner of your iPod Touch. It looks like an open book.
  3. Click on the “History” folder and see a list of websites you have recently visited.
  4. Click the “Clear” button and delete your history. This button is found at the bottom of the screen and it can remove your entire browser history.

delete safari history

2 Delete Safari Search History in Settings

  1. Go to “Settings” on your iPod Touch and then “Safari” browser.
  2. Click on “Clear History and Website data” button. However, note that the button might be different on some earlier versions of iPod Touch. For example, it may say “Clear Cookies and Data” or something that is similar.
  3. Click on "Clear History and Data" and it deletes the history. You can confirm whether history is deleted by re-opening Safari and checking again.

clear safari history

Method 2Erase iPod Touch History, 100% Unrecoverable

While you can delete history on your iPod Touch manually, it is better to clean with the help of a third party software because manual cleaning is stressful, tedious and getting outdated. Most importantly, history deleted manually is possible to be recovered by some recovery tools because the data is not overwritten. Some trace will be left while manually deleting, so that the website can foolow the trace to access data on your iPod touch. It's important to completely delete history.

One of the best softwares available in the market for this purpose is iMyFone Umate Pro (Windows version / Mac version). This tool is a professional iPod Touch eraser which utilizes only one click to erase any settings and content on your device. It works perfectly for both Windows and Mac systems and has enjoyed favorable reviews from a whole lot of people. With the help of iMyFone Umate Pro, you don’t need to worry about privacy issue since the history erased by it cannot be recovered even with the latest recovery tools. You don't need to worry trace will be left. Also, you can completely remove cache and history.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Delete iPod Touch History with iMyFone Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro does not require a whole lot of steps to do its job. All you need to do is to follow the below easy steps. Here we take erasing the current history as example.

Step 1: Install the iMyFone Umate Pro software in your PC/ laptop. Once installed, connect your iPod Touch to your PC/ laptop.

clear ipad history

Step 2: Open the iMyFone Umate Pro, choose Erase Private Data (if you want to erase deleted history, go to Erase Deleted Files), and click on the Scan. When it finishes, it will list all the private data on your iPod Touch. Select Safari History or other content that you don't want and hit Erase Now.

all private data

Step 3: Type "delete" into the box and click Erase Now to completely erase your iPod Touch history.

type delete


Apart from the "Erase Private Data", iMyFone can also do other cleaning for your iPod touch history.

  • Its "Erase Deleted Files" can find out your previously deleted history. You have the choice to completely destroy them. You don't need to worry about privacy leak.
  • Or you can also try "Junk Files" in "1-Click Free Up Space" mode to remove cache, corrupted files, crash logs, user storage files, cookies, etc. It will reclaim free space and optimize your iPod touch performance. It is totally free.

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