How to Delete iOS 10.3 Apps

An iOS 10.3 device comes in use when we have plenty of good apps installed. Your device can lag a bit in a row, and why would it do that? It’s just because of the huge space used by the iOS 10.3 apps. You might want to free up some space so you can add your favorable contents.

Apps can be easily downloaded, installed and uninstalled in any iOS device. But you might want to choose the most convenient and easy method to do so. Most iOS 10.3 users delete their apps so they can install some alternatives or just make their device run smoother.

3 Methods to Delete iOS Apps

1 Delete iOS Apps from the Device

(1) You can remove iOS apps straight from your device in the home screen by just long pressing the icon of that specific app you want to delete. The apps will start jiggling and a little cross shaped dialog will appear on the apps, just press that and you will have that very iOS 10.3 app removed, which would also delete the data and files in the app.

(2) Or you can delete iOS apps directly from the Settings.
Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. All the installed apps will be listed there, just click on one app and select Delete App.Then do the same thing to other apps.

delete app

2 Delete iOS Apps via iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iOS 10.3 device to the computer where you already have iTunes installed.

Step 2: Click on “Apps” from the library and select any app that you want to delete, right click on it and simply delete it. iTunes will ask you if you want to move it to the trash or delete it permanently, you can choose to delete it permanently, but it is recommended to keep them into trash in case you may want to use them in future.

delete apps via itunes

This is not an easy or kind of reliable method because you may end up having the apps removed in your library only and not the device.

3 Delete iOS Apps with iMyFone iOS Cleaner

If you expect a more convenient and efficient method to delete iOS apps, here is the best choice for you. As one of the best iOS 10.3 cleaners, iMyFone iOS Cleaner or iMyFone iOS Cleaner for Mac certainly provides the facility of deleting those unwanted iOS 10.3 apps that you may not want to use in the future. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to follow. Deleting iOS apps only require one click to do so.

Windows version Mac version

iMyFone is trusted by thousands of users (every year) and reported by well-known media around the world.

3 Simple Steps to Delete iOS Apps on One Click

Step1: Just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the computer in which iMyFone iOS Cleaner is installed.

connect iDevice to pc

Step 2: Launch the software. Go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab and hit Quick Scan button at the center screen. When it finishes, it will show you how much space can be cleaned on your iDevice.

Quick Scan

Step 3: Click Clean button of App and it will scan and list the apps on your iDevice. Select the unwanted apps and hit Remove button to start the deleting process. When it finishes, it will show you how much space has been cleaned by deleting the apps.

delete apps

Amazing Features of iMyFone iOS Cleaner

That’s not the end, iMyFone iOS Cleaner have many more benefits too, apart from deleting iOS apps. It doesn’t only clean up the apps from an iOS 10.3 device but it also optimizes the device to run more smoothly than ever. It is regarded as all-in-one solution for space saving and private protection. Permanent erasure is its another important function.

1Space Saving

  • It can clean up many junk files at a time, freeing up that precious space. Junk files may contain cache, browsing history, temp files, cookies and crash logs. It can delete third party apps’ junk, too.
  • It can thoroughly remove the temporary files left by apps.
  • Photos can be compressed without losing their original quality, so they can take as less space as they possibly can. You can preview the photos and delete the unwanted ones. It also lets you take a backup of original pictures before compression.
  • It will help you back up first and then mass remove large files, especially videos over 5MB.
  • It provides you security by automatically taking a backup of your important data.
clean iOS

2Private Protection

ios space saver

iMyFone iOS Cleaner

  • Erase All Data: It is the best alternative of Reset on iDevice to erase all settings and content. Data and files deleted by Reset is still possible to be recovered. Permanent erasure with iMyFone iOS Cleaner can make sure zero chance of recovery.
  • Erase Private Data: To promise the private information on your iPhone is completely deleted, it will destroy your private information with no chance of recovery. 100% keep your private data secure.
  • Erase Deleted Files: Simply deleted files can be recovered with some recovery tools. Erase Deleted Files function will help prevent the deleted files from being recovered even with the latest recovery tools.

Windows version Mac version


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