Storage Full? How to Delete Junk Files on iPod Touch

If you are experiencing slower performance and hang-ups on your iPod Touch, it is probably because of the accumulation of junk files. The iPod Touch is one of the best smart devices in the world and is known for its high powered functionality.

However, even this powerful device can experience problems when memory space gets clogged up with unnecessary data and junk files. Browsing, chatting, video streaming and app downloading can lead to cookies taking up space and cache being filled up with lots of temporary files. In order to avoid this and clean all junk files on iPod Touch, you need to clean up the iPod Touch thoroughly.

Part 1 Top 3 Freewares to Clean Junk Files on iPod Touch

To clean junk files on iPod Touch itself whill be much complicated for most users because it depends on each app's design. The most straightforward way to clean junk files may be uninstalling and reinstalling the apps, which will clear all cookies, history, caches, ect from apps. However, some important data and files will be deleted as well.

Therefore, it may be easier and more efficient for most users to use iPod Touch cleaner to clean junk files on iPod Touch. Luckily, there are some cleaner which are free. Here we will list top 3 of them.

1 iMyFone Umate Free

iMyFone Umate Free is the best iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch junk files cleaner that you will find. It is easy to navigate and can clean up all the junk files from your device in minutes. It is available completely free and all you need to run the software is connect your device and initiate a scan. The program will automatically scan all the files, delete the junk files and even remove the temporary files stored in cache memory.

iMyfone Umate Free


CleanMyPhone is perfect for removing unwanted apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch one by one, in which junk files will be deleted. It ensures that you delete all the unused apps and files securely on your iPod Touch. It will also help you clean your caches, like incomplete download. Other than that, the program also protects your device against corrupted files and syncing errors that may occur due to cookies or plug-ins. Free download for CleanMyPhone has the Win and Mac version.


3 TenorShare iPhone Care Pro

TenorShare iPhone Care Pro has a lot of advanced options that allows users to manage their files effectively. It has a built-in ad removal and backup file tool that protects the important data and removes all the unnecessary files. The interface is user-friendly and interactive, while the performance of the software is incredibly fast. All junk files on iPod Touch can be deleted in no time.

TenorShare iPhone Care Pro

Part 2 Comparison of Top 3 Freewares for iPod Touch

iMyFone Umate Free
1. Easy to use, only one click.
2. All types of junk files on iPod Touch are supported to be cleaned.
3. You can clear up temporary files as well.
Not available for Mac.
Clean junk files on iPod Touch completely with privacy features.
1. Users will have to restart their devices.
2. The process is longer than other freewares.
TenorShare iPhone Care Pro
1. Have more advanced management options.
2. Back up before cleaning and ensure deep removal of all the junk files.
Need to pay for full version.

Part 3 iMyFone Umate Pro: Updated Version

You may already be aware of the numerous benefits of running the iMyFone Umate Free. It is one the most efficient freewares that will not only clean the junk files on iPod Touch but also prevent temporary files from clogging up space.

Apart from that, iMyFone Umate Pro (/ iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac), the updated version of free one, certainly will impress you much with its powerful features. It is regarded as one of the best iOS erasers and cleaners in the world. It is all-in-one solutions for space saving and private protection.

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate Pro

  • One click to free up storage space by cleaning junk files, temp files, photos, large files and unwanted apps.
  • Back up first and losslessly Compress photos with saving 75% photo storage.
  • All iOS files are supported to be cleaned or erased.
  • Make your iOS device as a new one by erasing all contents and contents.
  • Find out and permanently erase the existing private data or deleted files.

download-win download-mac

1-Click to Delete Junk Files on iPod Touch

Step 1: Install the iMyFone Umate Pro on your computer and link your iPod Touch to it.

connect iPod touch to pc

Step 2: Go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab and hit Quick Scan button. When it finishes, you will see how much space can be cleaned on you device.


Step 3: Hit Clean button of Junk Files and it will start cleaning.

clean up


The steps to clean junk files with iMyFone Umate Free are the same as the steps on iMyFone Umate Pro.