Delete Old iMessages before Changing Old iPhone into iPhone8

iMessages are definitely among the best features in iOS devices. You can use iMessages for seamless communication with your family and friends, and the latest iOS 11 has made iMessage even better. You can do much more than just send simple messages: share media, play games, send animations and so on.

If you want to buy a new iPhone 8/iPhone 7S/iPhone 7S Plus, it is important to know that iMessages in your old iPhone probably be a threat to your privacy. However do not let that be a worry, for you can easily avoid all that by periodically deleting old iMessages.

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How to Delete Old iMessages on iPhone

On iOS devices, you can delete old iMessages to save up on space as well as to protect your privacy. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Open the iMessage thread whose messages you want to delete.
  2. Now press and hold on any message in the thread and then click on ‘More’. When you do that, the particular message will be selected and you will now be able to select all other messages in the thread too.
  3. Tap and select all the messages that want to delete, and then click on the ‘Trash’ icon at the bottom to delete them.
  4. You can also delete all messages in the thread by clicking on ‘Delete All’ at the top.

Permanently Erase All Current iMessages & Previously Deleted Old iMessages

You can easily erase all your iMessages from iPhone with just a few clicks with iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. It can be used for deleting all the iMessages, SMS as well as attachments in your iPhone.

That is not all- if you have previously deleted any iMessages from your iPhone, then chances are that recovery is still possible. Umate Pro can also erase those previously deleted messages as well, the erased messages cannot recovery by any data recovery software.

Windows version Mac version

If you are looking for how to delete old iMessages, follow the steps ahead:

Step 1: Download and install Umate Pro on your PC. Launch Umate Pro and connect your iPhone to it.

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Step 2: On startup, select the third tab that says ‘Erase Deleted Files’, and then click on Scan to begin the process.

scan iphone

Step 3: After competition of the scan, a list of the deleted data will be shown. From this list, select Messages and. Click on “Erase Now”.

how to delete old imessages

Step 4: Umate Pro will now ask you to type ‘delete’ for confirming that you want to erase them. After that, change the security level if you wish to, and your deleted files will then be erased from the iPhone.

Features of Umate Pro

The default method for deleting iMessages does not remove them permanently. In case your iPhone ever falls into the wrong hands- there are ways to recover those messages with tools. However, with Umate Pro, you can ensure that something like this will not happen.

  • Simple 1-touch erasing: With Umate Pro, you can delete your old iMessages with just a single click- no need to tap and select messages/threads.
  • iMessages are erased- not deleted: When iMessages are deleted, there are ways of recovering them. However, when Umate Pro erases iMessages, they are irrecoverable- i.e., removed permanently.
  • Erase All Messages traces: Erase note only current messages, but also previously deleted messages and message attachments, even message caches.
  • Erase all other types of private data as well: With Umate Pro, you can delete/erase all other types of private data in your iPhone too, including photos, videos, message attachments, notes, WhatsApp messages & attachments, call histories etc. Thus ensuring that your privacy is always maintained, and that you can free up space with ease.

Tips on removing handwritten message history

With iOS, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind for added security on protecting your messages:

  • Delete iMessages as well as the attachments in them.
  • While you are removing your old messages, delete the backup of iMessages on iCloud as well as on your PC (if exists).
  • Periodically run Umate Pro to erase the deleted iMessages from your iPhone.
  • Sync the iPhone to your PC and back it up to ensure that the backups cannot be used to restore your iMessages.

With these simple tips, you can ensure that your iMessages are erased in iOS. For the best results, you can continue to use Umate Pro on your Windows and Mac PCs.