How to Erase Videos from iPhone 7/8

If you own a new iPhone, you must be overwhelmed with its fascinating camera quality. You might sometimes capture videos for minutes wherever you go. If you have the latest iPhone 7/8, you will even be able to capture videos at stunning 4K format. However, recording videos from the iPhone can eat up your storage space. What’s more, if you don’t delete the videos on your old iPhone permanently, they can be easily recovered by some professional tools. Therefore, it would be better to erase videos from iPhone 7/8 to protect your privacy.

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Many people want to know how to erase videos permanently and get more storage. Here are several effective tips which are available for people.

Where Are Videos Stored on iPhone 7/8?

  • Videos that are taken by Camera app will be stored on the Photos app.
  • Other videos will be stored in Videos app, including synced video from computer or iTunes, downloaded videos, etc.

Tip 1: Upload Videos to iCloud and Manually Delete Them from iPhone 7/8

This method is extremely popular among people who are looking forward to save storage space on their iPhones. You can simply upload the existing videos to your cloud without deleting them. However, you need to be equipped with a reliable internet connection in order to upload the videos because of their heavy size. In addition, you will need to spend your money separately on cloud storage service as well. Take the example of Google photos, all personal Google Accounts include 15GB of free storage shared across Google Drive, Gmail, Photos and Videos. If you want to upgrade to more cloud storage, Google will happily upsell you to 100GB/1TB tiers that will set you back $1.99/$9.99 per month respectively.

Therefore, in my opinion, it can be considered as a method that is associated with a bit of hassle.

Google photos

Tip 2: Format Your iPhone 7/8 to Erase Videos

Formatting the iPhone 7/8 can be considered as another method available for the people to delete all the videos in a straightforward manner. In order to format your iPhone 7/8, you need to go to Settings and click on Erase all iPhone data. You should also keep in mind that this method would delete all the data files stored in your iPhone 7/8 along with videos. Therefore, it is better to take a backup of everything before you try this method. You can backup your data via iCloud or iTunes. Only when you get backups, then you can reset your iPhone.

Step 1: Tap the main Settings icon.

Step 2: Select General on the resulting menu.

Step 3: Tap the Reset button at the bottom of the next page.

Step 4: Tap the blue Erase All Content and Settings option near the top.

Reset iPhone

Tip 3: Backup and Permanently Erase Videos from iPhone 7/8

Using iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to erase videos can be considered as a straightforward method available for the people to get rid of videos in their iPhones.

Main Features:

  • Export Videos: Transfer videos from iPhone to computer/external hard drive selectively or all at once.
  • Back up and Delete Videos: Videos will be automatically deleted after backing up.
  • Permanently Delete Videos: Videos in Photos app will be completely deleted from iPhone without possibility of recovery.

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You just need to download and install the iMyFone Umate Pro on your personal computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 7/8 to the computer via your USB cable. After that you will be redirected to the main dashboard, where you can see all the options and choose the mode which suits you to erase your data.

connect iphone to pc

Step 2. Choose "Erase Deleted Files" and click on "Scan" to start the process.

choose erase mode to erase data on iphone

Step 3. Type "delete" to confirm your action and click "Erase Now".

erase video on iphone

You are provided with the ability to select the videos that you want to delete. You can also sort the available videos based on their size and delete the videos that take up a lot of space.

You will not be able to see such impressive features from another similar application available in the market. iMyFone Umate Pro is not all about erasing the videos in your iPhone 7/8. It can also be used to delete files which you have deleted and keep your data private and unrecoverable.

Main features of iMyFone Umate:

  • Erase All Data: You can factory reset your iPhone with iMyFone Umate Pro. With this mode, you can remove every data on your iDevice and turn it into a new iPad.
  • Erase Deleted Files: With this mode, you can detect all residual files that were not properly deleted and delete them permanently.
  • Erase Private Data: This mode allows you to scan and analyze your iPhone 7/8 personal information, and deleted selectively or with one click.
  • One Click Free-Up Space: iMyFone Umate Pro helps you to clean up iPhone junk files, erase temporal files, compress and backup photos, delete and backup large files and remove unused apps just with one click.

If you are worrying about your private videos will be leaked or struggling with limited storage space in iPhone 7/8, you should try to erase videos from iPhone without hesitation, you  can think about using iMyFone Umate Pro, it is a perfect tool that can protect your privacy and free up sapce. You would definitely love the impressive features that it has got.