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Keep iPhone Clean -The Facts

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Tata Davis

November 22, 2016 (Updated: August 11, 2020锛

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How to Keep iPhone Clean 鈥 Technicality and Frequency?

With passing time, every smartphone suffers from two basic issues; first, rapid battery discharge and second, low memory. Both these problems arise in your iPhone because of accumulation of junk files, hidden documents and low cache memory availability.

Cache is that memory where the apps store temporary data for faster access. So, if the home screen is filled with widgets and app shortcuts, it will eat up the iPhone storage and your device鈥檚 RAM. Thus, keeping your iPhone clean is a must and clearing all junk files, at least every alternate day, is necessary.

iphone clean

What Should Be Removed to Keep Your iPhone Clean?

It may seem that cleaning every possible file with numerical names is the perfect answer to, 鈥淗ow to keep iPhone clean?鈥 it is always not so. Some of these can be your iOS data and removing them will cause the phone to crash. Find out what things usually congest your phone memory and make your device slow.

1 Junk and Temporary Files

Ever saw the Google page opening even with no internet connection? This is because the page is stored in your cache and can be accessed quickly.

This is what all apps do. They store data in the cache to retrieve it later quickly. For example, YouTube stores data from any video in the cache. So, next time you play again, it runs with less buffering even when the internet network is slow. Clearing useless iOS files is the primary step to your quest of keeping your iPhone clean any time, any day.

2 Photos and Videos

There are many videos that you will probably not watch again. Many images lose their importance the moment you see them and remain in the memory longer than their need. Especially, with these chatting and instant messaging apps, all media is stored in your phone memory and is kept under layers of different folders.

Even after clearing a particular chat, media remains in your iPhone. They must be removed to your PC for backup or cleared to release a considerable amount of space. Doing it manually, with all the folders, can be tedious, but will make your iPhone clean speed your iPhone up.

3 Seldom Used Apps

There will always be some apps on your iPhone that you had installed for some reason and later have completely forgotten about it. In the long list of apps, how to keep iPhone clean can be tedious as identifying the unused ones can be difficult.

Even if you do find out, just simple uninstallation will definitely remove a major portion of its data, but some cache and media files may remain on your device. Clearing these manually is nearly impossible as they stay hidden with unreadable names.

4 Private and Deleted Files

Especially the banking and online wallet apps, these works with your private details and ultimately store some data somewhere on your device. Even though you are asked to login every time, every step you carry on henceforth will require memory usage.

Also, deleting a particular file may move it to your iPhone鈥檚 trash. Say you are successful in finding all the above mentioned junk files and clicked the delete option. These ultimately are removed to the trash, which is again, another part of your iPhone鈥檚 memory.

Then how to keep iPhone clean if there are so many unidentifiable files eating up memory? There is software available for iOS devices to make your job easy.

iMyFone Umate Pro 鈥 1-Click iPhone Cleaner

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can be installed in your PC and used to clear all the above files and data from your iPhone. How to keep iPhone clean is this easy, and certainly, Umate pro has its own benefits.

Windows version Mac version

  • It automatically detects temporary and junk files and removes them by keeping the important iOS files intact.
  • App caches can be identified with this. Apps like YouTube do not give you a clear cache option, but with iMyFone Umate Pro, you can clear these App cache.
  • Also, files and media to be deleted come with manual de-selection option. You can choose to keep a few before removing the rest.
  • The photos you decide to keep can be compressed with Umate Pro to release further memory.
  • Auto backup for all original photos and videos before compression and deletion.
  • Unused apps are also identified and removed, you can mass remove multiple Apps in 1-click.
  • Permanently erase current and previously deleted messages & attachments, photos, videos, call histories, WhatsApp messages & attachments etc. to avoid privacy leak. All the erased iPhone data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.

clean up iPhone

Also, with Mac connectivity, there are features like erase all iPhone data, eras safari data etc. iMyFone Umate Pro is the perfect answer to your query, 鈥淗ow to keep iPhone clean鈥. You can do it by following these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the software on your Mac or Windows PC.

connect iphone

Step 2: Scan your iPhone for a complete storage analysis.

scan iphone

Step 3: Click on 鈥楥lean鈥 option to free up space.

how to keep iphone clean

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