2 Free Ways to Make iOS Delete App Data

It is no surprise to see that there has been too much space taken by apps on your iOS device in form of “Documents and Data” because it is something that happens all the time. In fact in some cases, you will find out that the storage space taken up by this so called “documents and data” ends up even bigger than the actual app itself. So what this “Documents and Data” is? Can iOS delete such App data?

What are Documents and Data?

Each app on iOS device stores message history, sign in info, app caches as well as other types of app related contents. All these information are known as “Documents and Data” on your iOS device. Often, these “Documents and Data” ends up taking too much space than the app in itself.

ios delete app data

How to Make iOS Delete Such App Data?

Method 1 Quick Way to Remove iOS App Data – Only Available for Third Party Apps

To uninstall and re-install Apps, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud > Manage Storage. And see the list of apps taking so much space on your device.
Step 2: Then tap Delete App to have the app deleted.
Step 3: Download the App and re-install on your device.

However, it is important to note that this method above does not apply to stock apps like music, messages and mails. If this is the case, what is the best way to delete iOS App Data?

Method 2 A Free Way to Delete All iOS App Data – Stock Apps Included

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac 1-Click Cleanup is the best solution to clean your “Documents and Data” that involve temporary files, junk files and app caches. The good thing is that this is the free function of Umate Pro, and can be done in just one click, then your device will start performing at optimal speed again.

Windows version Mac version

Use Umate Pro to Make iOS Delete App Data

Step 1:First connect your device to your computer. Ensure Umate Pro is installed on your system, if not, install it before going forward.

connect iphone

Step 2:Select the mode of “1-click free up space”, and click on “Quick Scan” button.

scan iphone

Step 3:After the Scan finished, click on the “Clean” button besides “Junk Files” and “Temporary Files”. All useless iOS App data will be removed when the cleanup finished.

ios delete app data

Other Key Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  1. Erase Private Data - Personal Data, Videos, photos, messages and other app attachments can be erased permanently using the Umate Pro. This will ensure that your private information is removed and totally secured. It is also important to note that your erased personal data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software, so you can be rest assured that your personal information will remain secured.
  2. Erase Deleted Files - Note that previously deleted files can still be recovered if they were deleted using ordinary means. However, Umate Pro can identify these files and erase them permanently. This mode is designed to scan and identify all the previously deleted files and erase them leaving no chance of recovery.
  3. Erase All Data– If want to sell iPhone or give it to others, this function will suitable. It will erase all your iPhone data, just like a factory reset, but you do not need to re-activate your iPhone again, and all your erased data is unrecoverable.
  4. Compress Photos - Tired of “Not Enough Storage”? Try this! The compression will reclaim 75% of your photo space. What’s more, all original photos will be backed up on your PC automatically.
  5. Mass Delete Photos/Videos/App– The program provides a quick access to bulk delete multiple Photos/Videos/Apps for well manage your iPhone storage. And all original photos and videos will be backed up on PC before deletion.

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