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iCloud Storage – Management and Maintenance

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Tata Davis

April 14, 2017 (Updated: June 29, 2020)

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Apple iPhones come with a designated storage capacity ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB of storage space. Whichever one you use you might still be having a blast, depending on how fatal your habit of saving stuff on your iPhone is.

First, you might want to know how to view your iCloud storage to see how much space is left. So, here, open settings and scroll down till you find “iCloud.” Click on storage and there you have it.

By default, users of apple devices are afforded an extra 5 GB worth of cloud storage on the iCloud platform. If you don’t lose your password to a perpetrator, iCloud is totally safe for your personal and private data.

Common Ways to Erase Data from iCloud

Learning to manage the storage space on your phone is the sort of knowledge every iPhone user should cherish. The storage system in iPhones are unusual especially as the device doesn’t support external storage disks.

Apple provides a delete option at necessary junctures on the iPhone interface. So, you can delete contacts, media files, and any data easily by just tapping the delete option. To erase data stored to your iCloud from your iPhone, click on settings, iCloud, storage, manage storage, and delete documents and data of third party apps by clicking on them to find the delete button. On the same page, you can easily delete your iPhone backup and iCloud photo library if you please.

erase iCloud data

However, our expert studies have shown us that if a file remains recoverable, then it remains undeleted. After deleting stuff from iCloud this simple way, you can’t afford to go to sleep because powerful recovery tools will easily recover these files. So, what can you do? Follow me to the next topic then.

Effective iCloud Eraser Recommended

Your best bet is to get on with this sprucing activity by employing the iMyFone software – iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac, as your iCloud eraser. The app has a straightforward interface with features to help you choose the extent of clear out you want to carry out.

Windows version Mac version

erase iCloud data

The Umate Pro iPhone space saver will delete anything you want beyond recovery. You may use the Umate Pro recovery tool to check afterwards.

Key features and uses

  • 1-Click free up space: This allows you to easily select and delete junk files, temp files, photos, large files or apps. You may also just wipe them all out by clicking one button if you’re sure.
  • Erase all data: This lets you delete every piece of data on the phone drive in one click.
  • Erase deleted files: Lets you scan for recoverable files and delete them if you please in one click.
  • Erase Private data: If you ever see the need to clear your private data like passwords and cache files, this feature lets you do that.
  • Erase Private fragments: With this feature, you can totally banish third party apps from your phone.

Tips about Managing iCloud Storage

1 Upgrade to a larger iCloud storage space

iCloud storage spaces are probably the cheapest things money can buy, and very few purchases will give you a good ROI like purchasing an iCloud storage space. The storage plans are a monthly gig and the data plans include: 50 GB/ $0.99, 200GB/ $2.99, 1TB/ $9.99 and 2 TB/ $19.99. So, yea, for the price of a cheese burger or fry, you could have an extra 50 GB of storage space on iCloud. If you do need a load of storage space, it gets better knowing you could go for the 2 TB plan without breaking the bank.
manage icloud storage

2 Sync app data with iCloud

iPhone apps function off data files, coupled with cache files that accumulate over time, you can’t afford to have too many apps on your iPhone without running out of space. A way out of this is to sync your phone apps with iCloud, let the app data stay in your iCloud storage and free your iPhone from the luggage. To get this done click on settings, iCloud and sync apps as you please from the switches in front of them.
Sync iphone to iCloud

Benifits of the Apple iCloud

  1. Remotely Operate your iPhone if stolen: The iCloud platform comes with a “Find My Phone” option which allows you access a range of features, they come in handy if your iPhone or apple device ever got lost. Tapping on the car icon will provide you with a map to your apple device. The “play sound” button will make your device beep loudly to help you locate it. The “Find My Phone” option lets you erase your entire phone drive remotely if you are sure your apple device is gone and won’t be returning to you.
  2. More storage space: Smartphone users define true happiness as having a lot of free space on your phone. An overloaded phone will begin to lag and be generally be less enjoyable to usage. Make use of the iCloud to support your phone storage space.

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