Do you know that deleting web search histories on iPhone should be a habit to develop? This may not sound rational until you experience privacy leak of you most embarrassing or sensitive website search histories on iPhone.

How to Delete Web History on iPhone

Deleting search histories on iPhone is possible by manually deleting your search histories or utilizing an iPhone cleaning tool. Let us discuss how to utilize these two methods in deleting website history on iPhone.

1 How to Manually View and Delete Web Search Histories

Over the course of using your iPhone Safari, you may have accumulated several website data, tracking cookies, irrelevant caches and browsing history. If you want to view your website history on your iPhone, here is what to do:

Step 1: Launch the Safari app.
Step 2: From the Safari tool bar, find page back button, tap and hold on the page back button.
Step 3: Your iPhone's browser history will be displayed.

To delete your iPhone's web histories in order to avoid privacy leaks or other problems, follow the listed steps:

Step 1: Tap the History menu on the Safari tool bar.
Step 2: Click on "Clear" and select how much history you will like to erase; last hour, today, last 48 hours, 鈥 , or all records.
Step 3: Your safari history is cleared.

safari history

2 Permanently Erase iPhone Web History with Umate Pro

iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser or iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser for Mac to remove iPhone history is very advantageous, given the fact that you will not be so much disturbed about who would stumble upon your sensitive website history, or recover your web history using data recovery tools. iMyFone Umate Pro does not only help you to clear sensitive website search histories, but it can identify tracking cookies and remove them, it is useful in cleaning caches, temp files and app logs.

Windows version Mac version

To use iMyFone Umate in erasing deleted Safari web history, or in clearing current website histories on iPhone, you can follow the under-listed steps.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Click on "Erase Private Data" to erase current safari History (if want to erase previously deleted Safari history, choose 鈥淓rase Deleted Files鈥), then select "Scan".

clear web history iphone

Step 3: After scanning, a list of your private data will be displayed. This list also contains your browser history; you can preview your browser history before selecting "Erase Now."

delete iphone internet history

Step 4: Type "delete" and select your security level before clicking "Erase Now" again to complete the process.

delete web history iphone

iMyFone Umate Pro - Best Tested and Trusted iPhone Data Eraser!

iMyFone Umate Pro is a software you can use any time to erase browser history, sensitive and irrelevant files from your iPhone. Our software is able to identify and eliminate over 30 types of iPhone files and data. Other advantages of using iMyFone Umate Pro are listed below as follows:

  • Clear junk files and temporary files to make iPhone run smoothly: iMyFone Umate is the perfect tool to use in cleaning needless and useless files, like App caches, corrupted files, crash logs, download temp files etc., from your iPhone to restore your iPhone to its perfect state and functionality.
  • Permanently erasing data, 100% unrecoverable: Any iPhone data that has been erased using iMyFone Umate cannot be recovered. Therefore, you should be rest assured that any data that has been erased is 100% permanently unrecoverable.
  • Erase deleted data to avoid privacy leak: Using manual method to erase iPhone sensitive data can be a dangerous thing to do. This is because all data deleted using manual deleting method can be recovered using recovery tools like D-Back. Hence, you can use iMyFone Umate Pro "Erase Deleted Files" option to erase previously deleted sensitive files from your iPhone.
  • Erase all data if you intent to sell iPhone: iMyFone Umate can be used to restore your iPhone to factory settings when you use "Erase All Data" option. Hence, you can sell your iPhone with no data traces on it.
  • 1-click free up storage to fix storage issues: This option is the fastest way of recovery your iPhone storage space just in one click. It is very useful when you don't have time to preview your iPhone data before deleting them.

Every day, many people are losing valuable sensitive materials, lifetime savings, relationships, jobs, peace of mind, and even career promotions because of leaked iPhone internet history. This may sound funny but it is the truth, and I expect you to download, install and utilize iMyFone Umate Pro now on your iPhone in order to secure your iPhone from any possible privacy leakage.