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How to Permanently Delete WeChat Data from iPhone iOS 13

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Aaron Donald

January 13, 2017 (Updated: May 28, 2020)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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“Someone just told me that deleted WeChat messages can be recovered with recovery tool. I ran a tool and it really found lots of my deleted WeChat chats. How can I completely get rid of the deleted WeChat chats? Is there any way that can help me to do so? Thank you in advance!" -- Andy

It is true that manually deleted WeChat messages or other files are recoverable. Others can easily retrieve our deleted data with the right tool. Of course, we can make the deleted WeChat data completely gone without any chance of recovery.

How to Permanently Delete WeChat Data on iPhone iOS 13/12/11 (100% Unrecoverable)

Protecting you from any potential risk of privacy leak, just delete your WeChat data permanently. The only way to permanently delete WeChat data is to overwrite them.

You may not do it manually. Luckily, you can consider iMyFone WeChat Eraser or iMyFone WeChat Eraser for Mac. It is a popular iOS data eraser and its key feature is permanent deletion. Unlike other third party erasers which do not support to permanently erase WeChat data, iMyFone Umate Pro does more.

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  • It can permanently delete current WeChat data from iPhone, 100% unrecoverable.
  • It can find out and permanently erase deleted WeChat data with zero chance of recovery.
  • It can completely erase all private fragments of WeChat to make your WeChat data 100% safe.

"Permanently Delete WeChat Data" -- iMyFone WeChat Eraser promises to destroy iPhone data permanently and safely. You can eliminate any and all your WeChat data from iPhone. This would avoid the risk factor you might have faced when you delete the WeChat app manually. No chance of recovery is left then even with the most modern recovery tools.

delete wechat data

"Permanently Erase Deleted WeChat Data" -- You may worry about the safety of WeChat data you manually deleted before. Take it easy. It can cut your worries. All your deleted WeChat data from iPhone which are still under the risk of recovery will be found out and then permanently deleted. Then erased data is 100% unrecoverable.

delete deleted wechat

"Completely Erase All WeChat Private Fragments" -- Have you noticed that fragments will be produced when using apps? It is true. To make sure your WeChat data is 100% safe, you should permanently delete such private fragments. iMyFone gives you the way to do so and WeChat fragments are inclusive. It offers the free trial so that you can run and see how many fragments will be found out on your iPhone.

delete wechat

iMyFone WeChat Eraser supports to permanently delete WeChat data of different accounts at the same time. You may log in different WeChat accounts on your iPhone. It will run a deep scanning and find out all the WeChat data of different accounts together. You can choose to permanently delete WeChat data of which account according to your needs.

So how can we do so?
Follow these steps to permanently delete WeChat data from your iPhone:

i. Download iMyFone WeChat Eraser on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.
ii. Choose ‘Erase Deleted Files’ option and let the scanning initiate.
iii. Preview and select the WeChat data to erase and type “delete” in the pop-up windows to confirm.

How to Manually Delete WeChat Data on iPhone iOS 13/12/11 (Recoverable)

Step 1: Launch WeChat app on your iPhone. All your recent chats will be listed there.
Step 2: Swipe the chat you want to delete to the left. You will see a red "-" button at the right of the chat.
Step 3: Click the delete button and the whole chat will be deleted.

Then everything in the chat, like messages, photos, small videos, or other attachments will be removed. Of course, the contact will not be deleted.

delete wechat data

More About iMyFone WeChat Eraser
iMyFone WeChat Eraser’s main feature is to permanently delete iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data, 100% unrecoverable. It is the first data eraser which supports to selectively erase third party app data, like WhatsApp and WeChat.
Of course, private messages, videos, photos, call history, contacts, and other personal data are inclusive. Even the deleted data which are still under the risks of recovery will be found out and then permanently destroyed. Besides, it still has other easy-to-use and useful functions.

  • Completely Reset: Unlike reset just makes your iPhone data invisible, it can permanently destroy all your iPhone data and even the iCloud ID is inclusive. Even the deleted data will be wiped.
  • iOS Space Saver: All the useless junk files and invisible temporary files will be thoroughly cleaned. WeChat cache is inclusive.
  • iOS Performance Optimizer: It you use your iPhone for a long time, it would be filled with many corrupted files or crash logs. iMyFone can help you get rid all of them once and boost your device.
  • Photo Compressor: You can back up the original photos to computer and leave the compressed ones on your iPhone. Quality of compressed photos will not be damaged. Only the size is reduced.

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