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If WeChat is one of the most daily-used apps on your iPhone, you may find that WeChat occupies so much space. WeChat itself occupies 115MB while its documents and data occupies as much as several GBs. Deleting WeChat messages is a good way to resize WeChat storage.

When Should We Delete WeChat Messages on iPhone?

There could very well be a number of situations where we might want to delete WeChat messages from iPhone:

  • Want to save space on iPhone and delete data that no longer need, such as WeChat messages or WeChat attached photos/videos
  • Selling the old iPhone and don't want to leave private data like WeChat messages behind
  • Have discussed sensitive info with a business client over WeChat
  • Have discussed family secrets with family members and don't wish for anyone to know
  • Have a nosy spouse or room mate, and simply don't want the person living with to know the discussion

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Simply Delete WeChat Messages on iPhone (Recoverable)

If you're ready to save some space and guard your privacy, here are a few different ways that you can delete WeChat messages on iPhone:

1. How to Delete iPhone Wechat Messages

  1. Launch WeChat app and you will be in the 鈥淐hats鈥 interface.
  2. Tap the contact where you want to delete messages. Press and hold the message until you can choose 鈥淒elete鈥. Hit 鈥淥k鈥 to confirm.
  3. Or press and hold the messages. You have 鈥淢ore鈥 option beside 鈥淒elete鈥.
  4. Select the unwanted messages and tap 鈥淭rash鈥 icon at the bottom. Hit 鈥渄elete鈥 to confirm.

2. How to Delete WeChat Chat History from iPhone

To delete WeChat chat history, you should go to 鈥淐hats鈥 interface. Slide each conversation to left and tap 鈥淒elete鈥. You can do it one by one. Or you can delete chat history in bulk once.

  1. Once WeChat is launched, head over to 鈥淢e鈥 tab.
  2. Choose 鈥淪ettings > General > Storage鈥. It will help you to clear WeChat cache automatically.
  3. Once clearing WeChat cache done, you can tap 鈥淐lear WeChat鈥. All the chats will be listed there according to the storage of each conversation.
  4. Select unwanted conversation or choose 鈥淪elect All鈥 and hit 鈥淒elete鈥 button.

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If you want to clear the whole WeChat chats history, you can go to "Me > Settings > General" and click on "Clear Chat History".


Have you noticed that manually deleted WeChat messages or any other data is not permanent? Deleted data just be invisible from iPhone. It's easy to retrieve data with recovery tool. To make deleted WeChat messages unrecoverable, you need to do more than just "delete" it.

Permanently Delete WeChat Messages on iPhone
(100% Unrecoverable)

Especailly when you want to sell iPhone or don't want anyone snooping on your private conversations, you should completely destroy WeChat messages instead of just "delete". But how?

Well, you can come to iMyFone WeChat Eraser. It is the only one iOS data eraser which supports to permanently erase WeChat data and make them unrecoverable, including messages, voice messages, small videos, photos, etc.

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Great Feautes of iMyFone WeChat Eraser:

  • 100% Unrecoverable - Any erased data is totally irrecoverable by any hackers or recovery tools.
  • Current and Deleted WeChat Messages - Available to permanently erase existing or previously deleted WeChat files, including WeChat messages, photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • Support Multiple WeChat Accounts - It will show you how many WeChat accounts signed in on this iPhone and display all the WeChat accounts chats.
  • Get Rid of All WeChat Traces - All incomplete WeChat fragments can be 100% erased to protect your privacy.
  • Clear WeChat Cache - 1-click to clear WeChat cache and all other app cache at once (a free trial).

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How to Permanently Delete WeChat Messages on iPhone?

Step 1: Install and run iMyFone WeChat Eraser and connect your iPhone to it.

Download on Windows & Download on Mac

Step 2: Choose Erase Private Data mode and click Scan.
Note: Or you can choose Erase Deleted Files to view and wipe previously deleted Wechat data, or Erase Private Fragments to scan private traces left by WeChat or other third-party apps.

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Step 3: After the scan finished, preview and select the WeChat messages or attachments that you want to erase.
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Step 4: Click on "Erase Now" button, then type "delete" to confirm and it will begin to erase your iPhone WeChat messages permanently.

iMyFone Umate Pro is totally free to scan and preview iPhone data. If you want too permanently erase some data, it will ask you to register it first. You can get a discount while purchasing Umate Pro: [Official] iMyFone Umate Pro 20% OFF Coupon Code | 100% Valid >>

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iMyFone Umate Pro is one of the most advanced data erasers for iPhone, making recovery next to impossible. Factory resets are simply not enough to remove your data but using a professional data destroyer ensures that your information is safe regardless of whose hands into which it may fall. It not only recovers a great deal of space on your iPhone, but also removes private data from your iPad and iPod touch with no possibility of its recovery. -- APPKED

There are also a few other great features that come with iMyFone WeChat Eraser that you may find useful:

  • iOS Data Transfer: It also works as iOS media transfer from iDevice to computer. Not only for photos, but also for videos, audio file over 5MB, they can be transferred to computer. Then you can also choose to delete the original media from your device.
  • Photo Compressor: It can help you to compress your photos in bulk without deleting invisible quality but save 75% photo space.
  • iOS Boost-up: Unused files like app cache, photo cache, iTunes cache,crash logs, corrupted files and more can be remove once with 1 click. It is much easier than manual deletion. You should have a try. It is for FREE trial. Or you can also remove temporary files.

So if you're concerned about protecting your privacy, consider giving iMyFone WeChat Eraser a try.

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