Social media was already awesome before we got to meet mobile social media apps. Having a whole social media account right in our phones has got everyone having a blast socializing via the internet. Free calls and texts, group chats, multimedia messaging and few others are all part of the awesomeness of WeChat.

The app is a popular choice for iPhone users because it is awesome, but all that awesomeness come at a price. The app tends to accumulate huge data files over time to save information on all the awesome features of the app.

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Is Your Personal Data on WeChat Safe?

Occasionally, computer gurus find reason to hack a social media account, so, how safe is your personal info on WeChat?

WeChat is a China based app, and it is reported that the government has access to the documents and data of WeChat users and will not hesitate to use them if necessary. Overall, your personal data on WeChat are safe, but the Chinese government have a first-class access to them if necessary.

How to Erase Effectively WeChat Data on iPhone

Subsequently WeChat data files may become too much for your phone, and if you don鈥檛 know how to get rid of them effectively, your functionality will not be so much fun as it used to be.

So, visit iMyfone and download the iMyFone Umate Pro data eraser or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. At this juncture, it is assumed you already have the iTunes store app installed on the computer.

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Erase wechat data

Connect your iPhone to the computer and let the Umate Pro app detect and sync your iPhone with itself. This will take only about a minute or less and bam, you鈥檙e ready to use the awesome features on the Umate pro app.

The app lets you manage even third party apps, WeChat falls in this category. Select WeChat and clear any piece of data you want. WeChat photos and videos can also be erased.

Alternatively, you can go to 鈥淓rase Private Fragments鈥 library and erase all WeChat caches, corrupted files and other fragments. Even previously deleted WeChat data can be find out and permantly erased via "Erase Deleted Files" tab.

Erase wechat fragments

There鈥檚 no orthodox method to getting rid of app documents and data. So, you could hook your WeChat app up to iCloud or use Umate Pro to delete unwanted documents and data from the phone.

If you try to think of reasons to clear WeChat data, a lot of them will pop up. For the one who accidentally posts stuff on WeChat and regrets it later, Umate Pro has your back. For the business person who may have shared too much info or is in a scare of getting hacked, Umate Pro has your back too. So, be careful about your WeChat posts but don鈥檛 panic, Umate Pro will help you mop up easily.


Why Simple Deletion Is Not Enough?

On most devices with a storage space including the iPhone, deleted files don鈥檛 really go away. They resurface easily when powerful recovery tools are applied. For this reason, you shouldn鈥檛 be comfortable with just simple deletion. To delete your WeChat data effectively, we have developed the Umate Pro PC software. The features of the app let you scan and erase WeChat messages, photos and videos, and private fragment traces. This means you can delete 鈥渄eleted files鈥 more effectively and not worry about them resurfacing.

What about The WeChat Pay?

It is not surprising that WeChat users are consistently asking questions about the credibility of the payment service of the app. Is it safe to have my bank details there? How am I sure this payment info won鈥檛 fall on the wrong hands? Well, if it helps your anxiety, WeChat secures their payment system in from five tech options to help you rest easy. The five payment systems include pattern password, personal password, account freezing, WeChat suspicious behavior analysis and full coverage.

The pattern password is an extra security measure you can set up to beef up your personal password security. The 鈥渁ccount freezing鈥 option lets a user freeze all activities on their accounts if control of the account is lost to a perpetrator or just lost. The 鈥淲eChat suspicious behavior analysis鈥 analyzes your regular transactions to whichever one you鈥檙e about to make and seeks confirmation before proceeding. The full coverage option helps a user get a refund if illegitimate transactions were made off their account without their authorization.