How to Remove iCloud Songs from iPhone

Every now and then, you will want to refresh the music on your iPhone. Due to the fixed free space of iPhone, users are forced to delete old music files to make way for the new ones. Some prefer to store songs on iCloud. But the free iCloud storage is also limited. So is there any way to remove iCloud music from iPhone?

Steps to Remove iCloud Music from iPhone

Before remove iCloud music from iPhone, go to Settings > Music > toggle “Show Apple Music” on. This will make sure all the songs on iPhone in the music library including those in iCloud. Then follow below:

Step 1. Open "Music" app. Locate the song, album or playlist you wish to delete and tab the “...” icon.
Step 2. From the ensuing menu, tap “Delete.”
Step 3. Tap the “Delete from My Music” to remove the song, album or playlist from your iCloud. Choosing “Remove Downloads” only removes the song from your iPhone.

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How to Manage iPhone Music Effectively

iTunes can crash automatically, refuse to backup or sync some iOS files, delete some of your songs, duplicate some, or may not be capable of playing some of your music files. In such a situation, an alternative to iTunes is most welcome.

Managing your iOS music with a good iTunes alternative like iMyFone TunesMate would give you an edge, and optimize your iOS experience.

Many TunesMate users are now seamlessly syncing iTunes between iOS and PC. Some have also reported rebuilding damaged iTunes library with TunesMate, and other users have recommended this app for effective music, video, photos, app, and iOS file management.

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Here is more on what you can achieve with TunesMate:

  • Enrich your music collection: With TunesMate, you can download and add free and paid music files from PC/iTunes library to iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
  • Easy file transfer: Transfer iOS music to iTunes to enable your other iDevices synchronize with iTunes. This feature does not have any restriction such as limit for devices or number of files to transfer.
  • Manage playlist: Add, rename, delete, transfer songs from one playlist to another.
  • Back up music on PC/iTunes Library: Export your iPhone music to PC/iTunes to create storage space on your iPhone.
  • Mass delete unwanted music: Backup and erase unwanted and useless tracks from your iDevice in order to gain storage space.
  • iMyFone has been winning a great amount of positive reviews from famous media and increasing users.

Detailed steps of adding music from PC/iTunes to iPhone using TunesMate

If you wish to restore your iPhone music files from PC using TunesMate, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate on your PC and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 2: Tap on Music tab on top of the page to open the music window.

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Step 3: Click on Add > Add File/Add Folder to transfer some songs or folder respectively.

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Step 4: Click Open to transfer the songs from your PC to iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

How to Reset iCloud Music Library

Different errors can account for the need to reset iCloud music library such as artwork and music mismatch, iTunes error 4010. As always before taking such a bold step, a backup is advised to be stored locally on your PC. To reset iCloud music library, take the following steps:

  1. In iTunes menu, select “Preferences”, double-click to select “General” and deselect the “iCloud Music Library” checkbox.
  2. Close and re-launch iTunes.
  3. Click on the menu button.
  4. Select “Choose iTunes Library” and select “Create Library”.
  5. Give the new library a name of your choosing and turn it on.
  6. After organizing the library for some minutes, the library will appear in the “Album View”.
  7. Switch to “Song view” from the upper right corner of the drop down menu.
  8. You can delete all the songs in the library by selecting all and deleting, if you want.