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How to Reset Data on iPhone: Completely & Partly Resetting

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Tata Davis

September 27, 2016 (Updated: April 13, 2017锛

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For many iPhone users, resetting data on their device is the last thing they want to do. But, as much as they detest resetting data on their iPhone device, they still find themselves having to reset data on iPhone.

When the device is faulty, it might be necessary to reset the data to make it functioning again. If you want to upgrade or sell to buy another, resetting your data is one of those things you will do. Likewise, if you want to create space or give the device out for repairing, resetting the data is necessary.

How to Reset Data on iPhone with iTunes

If you want to reset your iPhone data, the steps we are to discuss will be vital. Firstly, get the latest version of iTunes. And before resetting data, you鈥檇 better back up your iPhone.

  1. Open iTunes on your device or PC. Connect your iPhone to your computer via cable
  2. If you are prompted for your device passcode or any other, follow the onscreen steps and if you have forgotten your passcode, simply get help.
  3. Select your iPhone when it comes on in iTunes.
  4. Go to the Summary panel and click Restore.
  5. Click Restore again to confirm your intention.

 reset data on iphone

At this stage, iTunes will erase/reset your iPhone and installs the latest version.

The above steps, however, come with some disadvantages that you need to know. Resetting iPhone data will certainly cause some problems and knowing these beforehand is important so that you know what to expect before resetting data on iPhone. Below are a few of the disadvantages of resetting with iTunes.

  • Data Recoverable: With any recovery tool, all the data you thought you had reset or erased can be recovered. Therefore, resetting data on iPhone with iTunes does not guarantee complete erase.
  • Data Loss: You may want to reset data and keep vital information, but that could be difficult to achieve because there is a possibility of losing key data.
  • App Crash: Your iPhone apps may also be affected. They may not function properly.
  • Not Functioning: Your iPhone could go dead and not functioning after resetting with iTunes.

To avoid these disadvantages and others, your best bet will be to use a powerful and efficient software that is well-known and trusted for data erasing. iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac has all the features you would expect from software like this. These features make this software a better solution for resetting data on iPhone.

Windows version Mac version

1More complete solution

For resetting data on iPhone, there are 3 erasing mode to choose:

Erase All Mode - This mode works well when you need to reset all data on your iPhone. It鈥檚 especially suitable if you want to sell your iPhone, give it out or send it to repair.
Erase Private Mode鈥 Do you want to erase data partly? Use this mode of Umate Pro. It is great for this purpose. Besides, when this mode is applied, no recovery tool can get the data back, thus protecting your privacy.
1-Click Cleanup - This mode can be used when more space is needed in the device. It cleans and conserves space.

2 Erase Previously Deleted Files

As mentioned above, some recovery tools can recover some of your deleted files or data. This can expose your privacy to unscrupulous people. Umate Pro prevents this possibility by erasing previously deleted files and data without a chance of recovering them.

3 Overwrite Data Completely

Umate Pro can completely overwrite data to ensure that data erased are unrecoverable. This is the function that other software cannot perform nor can it be done by resetting with iTunes.

How to Reset Data on iPhone with Umate Pro

Step 1: Grab your PC system and install Umate Pro. With the help of a cable, connect your iPhone to the PC.

connect iphone

Step 2: From the erase mode options, pick one that is appropriate to your need.

choose erase mode

Step 3: Any you choose will first scan your device. Then click on 鈥淓rase Now鈥 when scanning is completed.

how to reset data on iphone

Step 4: You will be asked to confirm your intention by typing Delete into the box. Do so. And your iPhone will be successfully reset or erased.

 reset data on iphone

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