A Walkthrough of Resetting Your iPhone 4 to Factory Settings

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Before trading your iPhone or lending it to a friend/sibling, reset your iPhone 4 is a must thing to do. Just like your personal computer or laptop entails all of your secret and confidential data, your iPhone 4 must be carrying some traces of private data that you might even know about.

After all, who would prefer sharing his personal collection of photos, videos, chat and call history with others? There lie real reasons behind why we need to reset iPhone 4 to factory settings before letting it go. Moreover, if your iPhone 4 isn’t functioning properly you can try reset it to factory settings to fix the issue.

How to Reset iPhone 4 to Factory Settings

Here are a couple of common ways which will help you for how to reset iPhone 4 to factory settings.

Best Way Permanently Reset iPhone 4 to Factory Settings

Restoring iPhone 4 to factory settings could be one tough decision but you may go ahead if your iPhone 4 is a victim of the following deadly hazards that will move you to the thought of permanently reset your iPhone 4 to factory settings.

  • iPhone that hangs of freezes every now and then;
  • iPhone not functioning properly;
  • iPhone attacked by virus;
  • Trading your iPhone;
  • Erasing your private data from iPhone.

Wiping out data through the manual Factory reset option is just not enough to eradicate your data permanently. Only with some advanced iPhone erasers, can permanent reset be achieved. iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac can do this tough job with a single click. Try out the flawless iMyFone Umate Pro that supports delete or permanently erase everything on your iOS device. With advanced overwriting technology, it promises to eradicate data completely and everything on your device with no chance of recovery even through advanced technology.

You don’t have to sit for long hours in front of your computer/laptop screen because the incredible iMyFone Umate Pro knows its job.

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3 Steps to Permanently Restore iPhone 4 to Factory Settings

Follow the three steps to wipe out everything on your iPhone 4 completely.

1. Connect: connect your iPhone 4 to computer where iMyFone Umate Pro locates.

2. Erase: go to “Erase All Data” tab and hit “Erase” button.


3. Confirm: type “delete” into the box and hit “Erase Now” to start the process.


Other 3 Modes on iMyFone Umate Pro

Erase Deleted Files There is always a higher risk of recovering the files we delete manually on our iPhone. Accompanied with the most advanced and user friendly features, iMyFone Umate Pro will list all previously deleted files present in your iPhone and will erase them permanently so there lies on chance of recovery even by using the brand-new and modern recovery tools or gadgets.

Erase Private Data It’s time to bid permanent goodbye lying on your iPhone 4 by erasing private data with iMyFone Umate Pro. Connect your device and discover the wonderful way to destroy your private and confidential data and turn it 100% unrecoverable.

1-Click Free Up Space This iPhone data eraser offers a complete package including massive junk cleanup, deletion of temporary files, creating backup, lossless compression of photos and large files and deletion of unused apps that occupy tons of space on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. The best feature of this software is that it cleans up all the iOS files comprising of photos, videos, messages, call logs, passwords, etc.

1-Click Free Up Space

Method 2 How to Hard Reset iPhone 4

The second way to reset iPhone 4 to factory settings is via recovery mode.

  1. By holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for about 10 seconds until the Apple Logo pops on your screen. This will turn your iPhone 4 in recovery mode and you can erase everything on the device.
  2. Simply connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes. When the option of “Restore or “Update” appears on your computer/laptop screen, select “Restore and then wait for about 15 minutes for the process to finish.
  3. Once the procedure completes, turn your iPhone and set up as new iOS device. Slide your finger on the screen and your iPhone 4 is all new.

Method 3 How to Reset iPhone 4 via Menu

One simple and convenient technique to completely reset iPhone 4 to factory settings is done via menu.

  1. Tap on “Settings “and then click on “General”.
  2. After that, select “Reset” and then“Erase All Content and Settings”.
  3. A message prompt will appear on your iPhone screen in which you have to confirm your action.



However, the options above can’t be held safe and reliable because there’s still a chance of recovering data. With some advanced recovery tools, data or files reset can be retrieved in an easy way.