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Running Slow on iPhone? Learn How to Speed Up iOS 13

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Daniel Evans

July 30, 2018 (Updated: June 23, 2020锛

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Is your iPhone running slow? If so, it may need some maintenance work. There are several different factors that can cause your phone become sluggish. Lack of storage space, outdated software, low battery, and even certain apps can all be culprits of an iPhone running slow. Luckily, there are things that you can do to speed it up. Here are a few different methods that you can use if you want to know how to speed up iPhone iOS 13.

Clean Up Your iPhone with Help from An iPhone Cleaner

One of the best ways to quickly speed up your phone is to clean it up. You can think of it like spring cleaning except instead of cleaning out your cupboards and closets, you鈥檙e cleaning out your phone. There are several different ways you can do that, and the first is just by tinkering with your apps and files. Get rid of what you don鈥檛 need or use. If you鈥檙e wondering how much of your storage space an app actually takes up, you can actually find this information right on your phone. This will help you to narrow down which apps are most important to you, and which apps can go.

Or, if you have an iPhone running slow, your second option is to use an iPhone cleaner like iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. With the help of software like iMyFone Umate Pro, you can free up space, and clean up your junk and temp files with just one click. Not only that, by iMyFone can also help to compress photos, delete large files, and remove unused apps - all of which can make your iPhone slow. Here鈥檚 how to speed up iPhone iOS 13 with iMyFone Umate Pro.


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Features of iMyFone Umate Pro:

  • It is totally free to clean junk files and temporary files for freeing up more space;
  • It can compress your photos losslessly for more space or backup and delete the photos;
  • It can scan the large files in your phone to delete them and remove your unused apps;
  • It can help you delete the unnecessary files and even your deleted files completely.

1 How to Speed up iPhone iOS 13 鈥 Clean Junk and Temp Files

Actually there are many junk and temporary files on you iPhone, even though you can鈥檛 see them or you haven鈥檛 noticed, but it takes up your space and also will slow your iPhone too. If your iPhone is running slow already, you can consider cleaning your junk and temporary files with the free function of iMyFone Umate Pro.

Steps on how to:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB or cable.
Step 2: Click on 鈥1-Click Free-Up Space鈥 on the left hand menu and then 鈥Quick Scan鈥.

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Step 3: After scanning, click the 鈥Clean鈥 button to clean up the space.

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Step 4: Click 鈥Clean鈥 again to confirm.

Once finished, iMyFone Umate Pro will tell you all of the different areas on your phone that can be cleared to clean up space, as well as how much space each of them is taking up. And that is how to speed up iPhone IOS 12 with just the click of a button!

2 How to Speed up iPhone iOS 13 - Manage Media Files

Photos and videos can take up an immense amount of space on your phone. In fact, they are probably the largest thing taking up the single most space on your iPhone. So when you have an iPhone running slow, your media files are one of the first things you should clean up. You can start by moving some of your photos and videos from your phone to your iCloud. Then, you can use iMyFone Umate Pro to help you clean up the rest. Here鈥檚 how:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB or cable.
Step 2: Click on 鈥1-Click Free-Up Space鈥 on the left hand menu and the click on 鈥Quick Scan鈥.
Step 3: Wait for the scan to complete. Click 鈥Clean鈥 to clean Photos.
You can choose to Backup & Compress or Export & Delete.

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Once finished cleaning up your photos, click 鈥Clean鈥 next to the 鈥Large Files鈥 option to clean up even more space.
Select the large files and choose to Export Only or Back up & Delete.

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Through this method, you can free up more space on your iPhone without removing your precious memories by backing up them to your pc.

3 How to Speed up iPhone iOS 13 - Erase Private Data

Did you know that there is private information on your phone that you can鈥檛 even see that is taking up storage space and slowing down your phone? Your iPhone stores a great deal of personal information that, without special software, you don鈥檛 even have access to. This means that things like your account information, your private photos, your personal information, and your browsing history is all stored deep within your phone. Not only is it taking up unnecessary space and slowing down processing times, but it also puts your personal data at a security risk. Here is how you can erase private data using iMyFone Umate Pro:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB or cable.
Step 2: Click on 鈥Erase Private Data鈥. Click 鈥Scan鈥 and wait for scan to complete.
Note: It can even find out your deleted files and erase them permanently. You can choose Erase Deleted Files mode to do that.
Step 3: Once the scan is finished, all of your personal and private data will be listed. You can click on anything you wish to preview.
Step 4: After you confirm the security level, start to erase.

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4 How to Speed up iPhone iOS 13 Erase Fragment of Third-party Apps

It is important and necessary to delete fragment of third-party apps, which you may not be aware of. These private fragments are produced by additional applications and take up much of your space on your iPhone. iMyFone Umate Pro can help you find them out and erase them permanently. By doing this, you can speed up your iOS 13 and also protect your privacy too.

Steps on how to:

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone to your PC.
Step 2: Click on Erase Private Fragments mode.
Step 3: It will show you how many private fragments left of every third-party app. Select Apps and click Erese Now.
Step 4: After you select the security level, click Erase Now to start.

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When looking for how to speed up iPhone iOS 13, look no further than iMyFone Umate Pro. iMyFone Umate Pro can dig deep down into the heart of your iPhone and clean up storage space that you didn鈥檛 even know you had! Download today and use iMyFone to clean up extra space, manage media files, and erase private data to prevent your iPhone running slow.


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