How to Test and Improve iPhone 5s Speed?

The iPhone 5s is without doubt one of the fastest and most advanced Smartphone from Apple yet it can be bugged down by slow speed. For this reason, it is important to periodically check your iPhone 5s speed using a mobile speed test. The iPhone speed test will help analyze your speed on your iPhone and in any location. It incorporates a HTML technology which means that you can actually run a speed test without downloading any application to that effect. You can test your download and upload speeds by the selection of a list of servers which are located all over the world.

How to Do The iPhone 5s Speed Test

Step 1: Open browser on iPhone 5s. Note that the speed test will work on any mobile browser since it uses HTML5 technology.

Step 2: Then go to

Step 3: Click on ‘Start test”.

After a few minutes, you will get your download and upload speeds.

iphone 5s speed test

Why Does iPhone 5s Run Slower?

Most iPhone user will at some point grapple with the fact that their iPhone has started to run slower than imagined. This could continue getting even worse with time. There are some possible factors that may affect iPhone 5s Speed:

  • Lack of available storage space- iPhone storage issue is mostly the number 1 reason why iPhone 5s run slower. This happens when there are lots of music, apps and photos on the device that eats up space.
  • Your Apps are Loaded in memory all at once- Many people do not realize that your apps are loaded in the RAM even when you leave the app and this causes a lot of app to be opened causing a slow down.
  • You need an iOS update.
  • Some Apps continue to run in the background.
  • Your iPhone may need a reboot and that is turning it off and on.

Free Up iPhone 5s Storage to Improve iPhone Speed

iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is one of the world’s leading all in one solution for iOS space saving and privacy protection tool. It is a tested and trusted tool with a lot of positive reviews by many users. When compared to other data eraser tools, Umate Pro comes out on top providing you with functions to free up space and improve your iPhone speed utilizing just one click. Umate Pro can do a lot for your iPhone.

Windows version Mac version

1 Clear Up Useless Files – Junk & Temporary Files

There are so many useless files in the iPhone and unfortunately, it is normally not the fault of the user. For example, during internet browsing and file downloading, there is always a possibility of generating a lot of junk files form app caches to cookies to crash logs. The Umate pro clear up these junk files which tend to slow down the device and also clear the temporary files like the user storage files, corrupted files and downloaded temporary files.

improve iphone 5s speed

Note that for the cleanup of junk files, it’s totally FREE, you won’t cost anything for it.

2 Optimize The Storage of Your Useful Files

Another way the Umate Pro works is by reducing the storage of other useful files. It has the ability to compress photos which tend to reclaim over 75% of the iPhone storage space. It will also mass delete photos, videos and apps in such a way that creates enough space for your device.

iphone 5s speed

It is important to note that compressing photos does not mean that the original photos are lost, however, the original photos are backed up on the PC before any deletion and compression is made and this ensures that the original photos are not lost.

How to Use Umate Pro to Improve iPhone 5s Speed?

Step 1: Connect your device.

Step 2: Select the applicable mode of “1-Click Free Up Space” that best fits the process. Then click “Quick Scan” and the program will give your iPhone a complete storage analysis.

Step 3: Now click “Clean” button to free up iPhone and faster your iPhone 5s speed.


Erase Private Data to Avoid Privacy Leak

In cases where the device is to be sold to another user, erasing private data becomes a must do. The Umate Pro is capable of erasing your private data in such a way that it cannot be recovered again by anyone, keeping your personal information safe. To erase iPhone messages, call histories, notes, photos, videos and WhatsApp messages & attachments, the Umate Pro utilizes 2 of its erase modes to make it happen and they are:

  • Erase Deleted Files - Deleting files casually can be recovered easily with modern recovery tools and this is not good for your data privacy. However, the Umate Pro “Erase Deleted files” modes is powerful enough to scan and show these previously deleted files and re-erase them again with no chance of recovery.
  • Erase Current Private Files- The “Erase Private data” mode will erase your current files by ensuring that they are unrecoverable even with top data recovery tools and this keeps your personal information secured.

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