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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

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Aaron Donald

October 12, 2016 (Updated: April 13, 2017)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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When you go to a music festival or any other event where you end up taking a lot of pictures and videos from your iPhone, you worry about how much space you have left. Of course, you cannot stop making videos because some moments are meant to be captured but what about your iPhone memory? Videos take up a lot of space and so you need to transfer videos from iPhone to computer so you can free up space on your phone to be able to add more things to it.

Part 1 Transfer Video from iPhone to PC at 1 Click

There is a much easier method to transfer videos from iPhone to computer with iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. With it, transferring video from iPhone to PC would be as much simple as 1 click. Besides transferring, you can choose to delete selected videos automatically when it is done.

Transferring videos from iPhone to computer is just the miner function of it. As one of the best iPhone cleaners, it helps you clean up your iPhone memory in a very simple manner and 100% guarantee your private data safe. This is necessary for you if you want to add new contents into your iPhone. iMyFone Umate Pro runs fast and will only remove the items you picked, so there would be no accidental removal of necessary files.

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Mass transfer photos or videos to computer and then you can choose delete or compress them.
  • Clean as much as 30+ junk or temporary files at once.
  • Bulk remove or selectively delete unwanted apps.
  • Erase all data and make it work as a new one, 100% unrecoverable!
  • Find out existing private data or previously deleted files and completely erase them.

download-win download-mac

It has an user-friendly interface and the instructions are easy to follow.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone Umate Pro on your computer and link your iPhone to it.


Step 2: Hit “Quick Scan” button. When it finishes, tab “Clean” button beside “Large Files”.

quick scan

Step 3: Select videos you want to transfer and hit “Backup & Delete” to start transferring process.


Part 2 Transfer Videos from iPhone to Win Computer

It is very easy and free to transfer videos from iPhone to Win computer because it only requires one USB cable and you are set to go.

  1. Plug your iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. An Autoplay window will appear.
  3. Choose the ‘Import Pictures and Videos’ option.
  4. Start browsing through your files to select the ones you want to transfer.
  5. Select the ‘Import' option to launch the transfer of your iPhone videos to computer.
import videos

Part 3 Transfer iPhone Videos to Mac

To transfer videos from iPhone to your Mac computer, here are the steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. If it does not automatically open, then open your ‘Photos’ app.
  3. Open the ‘Import’ tab that will display all your videos and photos.
  4. Click on the files you want to transfer.
  5. After your files are copied to the computer, you can delete them from your phone to free up space.

import photos


With the methods and steps we mentioned above, it is apparent that to iPhone transfer video to computer is easy. It is no rocket science, and if you use the iMyFone Umate Pro software, which works great for you because it not only helps you transfer videos to computer, it also helps free up space in your iPhone memory.

These methods make it so that you can keep on recording great videos with the capable camera of your iPhone, and not have your iPhone lag or that your internal memory gets used up. So in conclusion, the iMyFone Umate Pro seems to be the better of the methods to transfer videos from your iPhone to computer.

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