Generally speaking, iPhone getting disabled is not much of a big deal. When your iPhone gets disabled, all you have to do is wait for a couple of minutes, and try again with a correct passcode to unlock it.

Except when you see this message on your device:

"iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes"

In this case, you must connect your iPhone to iTunes in order to unlock it. But the thing is, iTunes is utterly difficult to use. So it would be fantastic if there is a way to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes. Or even better, a way to unlock disabled iPhone without computer.

iphone is disabled connect to iTunes

And that's why we're here today. In this article, we will provide not only a solution for you to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, but also several approaches to do it without computer. If you want to fix your iTunes, we will also give some iTunes fixing advises at the end of our article.

But before we get started, there is something you need to know first.

Part 1: Before You Unlock the Disabled Device…

Although unlocking a disabled iPhone is not complicated, but the bad news is, to unlock a disabled iPhone, you must reset the device. That means there is hardly any possibilaty you can unlock it and still keep the original data. (However, if you are lucky enough, there is still a chance that you can keep your data by applying the "Siri" trick introduced in Part 3.)

It doesn't matter if you unlock the disabled iPhone with iTunes or without it, you can't have the same device as it used to be. Of course, unless you have a backup on your computer or on iCloud. hope you are ready to start unlocking your disabled device without iTunes.

So if you want to unlock your disabled iPhone, be ready to reset the device at the same time and lose all data on it.

data lost

If you are okay with that, then keep reading as we are now going to show you how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Part 2: Unlock Disabled iPhone without iTunes

Now that you know what you're dealing with, lets' see how to unlock your disabled iPhone without iTunes.

To unlock iPhone without iTunes, you are going to need a third-party iPhone unlocking tool called iMyFone LockWiper. Basically, what it provides is an unlocking service just like iTunes, but without complicated Apple ID verification, confusing connecting process, goofy software design and weird bugs and glitches.

Here is how to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes using iMyFone LockWiper.

Step 1.Download iMyFone LockWiper for free with the links below and install the program on your computer.

umate pro iphone data eraser

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Enable your disabled iPhone in any scenario.
  • Easily bypass 4-digit/6digit password as well as Face ID and Touch ID.
  • Remove iCloud account from activated iOS devices with simple clicks.
  • Unlick screen Time passcode in without passcode.
  • Have full access to all functions to your iOS device.
  • Restore your device with no risk of bricking it.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2. Launch iMyFone LockWiper, click on the "Unlock Screen Passcode" entrance to enter the disabled iPhone unlocking function.

unlock disabled iPhone with lockwiper 1

Step 3. Then you need to read the description, click "Start" and then connect your disabled iPhone to computer when you see a screen telling you to do so.

unlock disabled iPhone with lockwiper 2

Step 4. Once the program detects your iPhone, it will recognize the information of the device and automatically find a matching firmware for it. All you need to do is click "Download", and LockWiper will download, extract and install the firmware package for you.

unlock disabled iPhone with lockwiper 3

Step 5. Averagely the download will take no more than 10 minutes. After it's finished, click "Start Unlock", and input "000000" to make a confirmation in the popped-out dialog. Then the unlock process will begin. Make sure your device stays connected in the entire unlocking process, otherwise it might get bricked.

unlock disabled iPhone with lockwiper 4

Step 6. Now all you need to do is wait. When you see the "Unlock is Complete" screen, your iPhone should be unlocked and can be setup as a new one.

unlock disabled iPhone with lockwiper 5

Be noted that this method only unlocks the screen passcode of your disabled iPhone. If your iPhone has an activation lock, it might still remain after the iPhone gets out of the disabled mode. See how to bypass activation lock on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Part 3: Unlock Disabled iPhone without iTunes and Computer

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, not only can you unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes, you can also unlock it without a computer. In fact, there are more than one way for you to unlock iPhone without computer. Let's have a look at them.

1 Unlock Disabled iPhone with Siri

As a bug, or say, a loophole of some specific iOS versions, this method is not guaranteed to work with all devices, and might get expired at any point. But still, it's worth trying.

Here is How it works:

Step 1. Find a way to open the message app

Ask Siri what time it is, and then click on the clock to open the "Time" app. There you can tap the "+" icon, and then type anything into the search box. After that, select what you type, tap Share. In the share options, choose "Message"

unlock disabled iPhone with siri 1

Step 2. From "Message", go to "Photos"

On the message app, press and hold the "To" field, then tap "Paste". And tap the return button, and then "Create new Contact" on the menu. After that, choose to add photo and tap on the "Choose Photo" option.

unlock disabled iPhone with siri 2

Step 3. There you go.

Now wait for a while and press the Home button. Voilà, you're back in control.

This solution is by far the simplest and the safest way you can ever find to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, even without a computer. Ans it's also the only way that you may get into your disabled device without losing data. But again, it only works with some specific iOS versions, so you may not want to put too much faith in it.

2 Unlock Disabled iPhone with iCloud

If you can remember the iCloud account signed in on your disabled iPhone, and its password, and the answers to all the security questions, then congratulations, for a person who gets locked out of an iPhone because multiple wrong passcode attempts, you have an amazing memory!

And also, you will be able to unlock and reset the disabled iPhone remotely with iCloud.

iCloud has this "Find my iPhone" feature, which allows you to remotely erase everything on your device. With is feature, you will be able to remove the disabled status from your iPhone using any device that comes with a web browser. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, anything will do, and it doesn't have to be a computer.

Here is how you can unlock and reset your desabled iPhone remotely without computer:

Step 1. Go to the "Find My" website with any device, and click "Locate your device on", then sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 2. After signing in, you should be able to see all your devices on the map. Select the one that you want to unlock, and click (or tap) the erase icon.

Step 3.Then you need to confirm the password of your Apple ID once more, as well as the answer to your security questions. Fill in all the information and your disabled device will be erased and unlocked remotely without iTunes or computer.

unlock disabled iPhone with iCloud

Tips: iTunes Not Working Properly? Try These

There might be millions of reasons why you don't want to use iTunes to unlock your disabled iPhone. But in the end of the day, iTunes is still the official management tool for all iOS devices. So until the next generation of iTunes gets developed, you probably still have to be stuck with this thing for a long time.

Therefore, despite you have probably unlocked your disabled iPhone without iTunes, it's still suggested that you fix whatever problem you have with iTunes, if you are still planning to use iOS devices in the future.

Here are some quick fixes for most iTunes problems.

1 Quickly Detect iTunes Problems with LockWiper

Remember the iMyFone LockWiper we talked about earlier? It turns out, the program can not only help you unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, but also detect iTunes problems and come up with a fix solution for you.

Windows version    Mac version

To detect iTunes problems with iMyFone LockWiper, simply download and launch the program, then click the little "Fix iTunes" icon at the top ribbon.

fix itunes with lockwiper

2 Try connect device to iTunes with DFU mode

If you put your iPhone into DFU mode when connecting to iTunes, iTunes will automatically upgrade your iOS to the latest compatible version and restore your device. Most iTunes problems you encounter in the regular mode will most likely not appear in DFU mode. To know more about DFU mode, check out another article where we have a more in-depth discussion on how to Restore Your iPhone/iPad/iPod in DFU Mode.

DFU mode

3Fix Apple Mobile Device USB driver

Sometimes iTunes not working properly may be due to the Apple Mobile Device USB driver. You can manually check whether this driver is properly installed by following this guide:

Step 1: Press "Windows" and "R" key on your keyboard at the same time to open the "Run" command. In that window, enter "devmgmt.msc", then hit "Enter".

Step 2: Locate and expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers' section. From there, look for the Apple Mobile Device USB driver.

Step 3: If you see an error icon next to the Apple Mobile Device USB driver, restart the Apple Mobile Device Service, check for and resolve issues with third-party security software, then restart your computer. After that, you may need to try to install the usbaapl64.inf or usbaapl.inf file again.

You can find more fixes about the Mobile Device USB Driver on Apple's official support center.

check itunes driver

To Wrap Up...

As a result of Apple's restrict pravacy policy, usually there is no way you can keep data on your disabled iPhone while unlocking it. But in the end of the day, getting the iPhone out of the "Disabled" status is always better than keeping it locked. If you want to unlock your disabled iPhone without iTunes, iMyFone LockWiper is always worth a shot. In addition, if you want to do it without a computer, you can also try other tricks introduced in today's article. If you still have some questions related to today's topic, just leave a comment down below and maybe we'll have a discussion on it!