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iCloud Erase iPhone? Is That Enough?

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Tata Davis

February 15, 2017 (Updated: June 23, 2020)

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Off the top of my head, I can think of many reasons to erase your iPhone. For starters, it’s expedient for you to erase your iPhone/iPad when you lose it or it’s stolen. Other reasons to erase your device might be to return it to the way it was, to return it in the case of the device being an official phone, and so many more.

For this purpose – erasing your device – there are many options available. To use iCloud to erase your iPhone, you need to have set up “Find My iPhone” on the iPhone prior to it getting missing or stolen.

Steps of iCloud Erasing iPhone

If you have already set up “Find My iPhone”, then do the following to erase your device:

Step 1: log into your iCloud profile to carry out the erasure
Step 2: open “Find My iPhone”
Step 3: Click “All Devices”
Step 5: Locate the device you’re interested in and select it
Step 6: Click “Erase Device” in the window showing details about your device
Step 7: Simply input your device password to complete the process

icloud erase iphone

That said there’s a caveat. Despite performing an iPhone erasure with iCLoud, your device is still at risk. This is because the deleted iPhone files can be recovered still by powerful data recovery tools.

Disadvantages of Using iCloud to Erase iPhone

  1. Your data lives on! An iCloud erasure doesn’t shield you from potential privacy leaks. This is because iCloud only has the power to delete your files temporarily and only keeps them off the “face” of the phone where they are easily accessible.
  2. You need to have set up “Find My iPhone” which adds another layer of” iPhone bureaucracy”.
  3. Time and process can be curvy with the need to go online to access iCloud.

With all the aforementioned, I guess you’re already wondering what the next best option is. A recommended iPhone utility to erase your phone without any worry or extra bureaucracy is iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. These are the features iMyFone data erasure function has to offer you:

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  • Permanently Erase iPhone: No matter how advanced the data recovery tool is, it can never recover data deleted by Umate Pro. And to cap it up, the app provides different options that fit according to the user’s preferences.
  • Selectively Erase iPhone: Umate Pro comes with an option that allows users choose the exact files they want to delete or erase. You don’t need to erase all the data from your phone simply because you are in a hurry to delete a very private and sensitive voicemail call for example.
  • Erase Previously Deleted Files: To cap off sensitive files, maybe you’ve deleted these files, but you have no peace of mind because you’ve heard the files can be recovered. Well, you heard right, and Umate Pro is here to help. The app scans your iPhone for previously deleted files and allows you to erase all or selectively erase the files you want.
  • Erase All Data: As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons that can occasion the need to erase all the data on your iPhone, it is important to note you have to also protect your privacy by erasing the device from top to bottom.
  • There’s more…iMyFone Umate Pro is also equipped with a memory tune-up option that users can use to improve and optimize storage. This process can also help improve the speed and performance of the iPhone. There are also sub-options under this mode, which include:
    1. Delete and remove hidden temporary and junk files
    2. Export/Compress/ Delete photos from your device
    3. Export/Delete large files such as videos
    4. Remove apps in bulk efficiently

icloud wipe iphone

How to Use iMyFone Umate Pro to Erase iPhone Data

Step 1: Install and run iMyFone Umate Pro, then connect your iPhone/ iPad to it.
Step 2: Select the “Erase Private Data” mode from the options
icloud wipe iphone
Step 3: Select “Scan” to see the files on your iPad
Step 5: Select the files you’ll like to erase permanently
erase iphone
Step 6: Click “Erase Now” to erase the selected files from your iPhone/iPad.

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