iCloud remains a place where documents, photos, information etc are stored. However, most people always ask if their personal information, private iOS files are really safe. It is important to recall that there have been breach of iCloud security in the past and this has played a role in the suspicion when it comes to iCloud security.

It is important to note that Apple has taken a whole lot of steps to ensure security for iCloud and assuage the concerns of millions of users. Some of the additional steps taken by Apple include two step verification process that helps to protect iCloud users.

iMyFone Umate Pro- Professional iCloud Eraser

There is no better tool to erase your iOS data than the iMyFone iCloud Eraser or iMyFone iCloud Eraser for Mac. It is designed to erase all kinds of iOS data and ensure your device runs optimally and secured from data criminals.

iMyFone Umate Pro (Windows version)    iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac

The program can erase even hidden contents and already deleted contents in such a way that it is 100% unrecoverable. In fact, you can be rest assured your device and data is safe using the Umate Pro because it has been tried and tested.

To use the Umate Pro to erase iCloud data, the following steps are required.
Step 1: Run the program and connect your iOS device to it.
Step 2: Choose the erase mode that is suitable for the task.
Step 3: Erase data permanently so that they cannot be recovered.
Step 4: Now Sync the data of your iDevice to iCloud.
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Key Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Erase All Data: Umate Pro is capable of erasing all data on your device without exception and this is permanent, it cannot be recovered by anyone.
  • Erase Deleted Files: Even if you have already deleted some data through a simple means, the Umate Pro is capable of scanning your device; retrieving these data and then erasing them permanently.
  • Erase Third-party Apps: If you do not want your private data on third party Apps to fall into the wrong hands, then the Umate Pro is the perfect tool to erase them.
  • 1- Click Cleanup: With just 1 click, you can clean up temporary files, junk files, movies, videos, photos and other unnecessary data on your device.

Common Ways to Clear Up iCloud Data

The reality is that at some point, you are likely to start running out of space on your iCloud because Apple provides just 5GB for free except you intend to pay more for it. The truth is that this space is not large enough to contain all the data collected on your device and for that reason, it is necessary to clear them up from time to time in such a way that it frees up iCloud storage space when needed. Fortunately, there is a common way to clear up iCloud data and the following steps is what you need:
Step 1: Go to Settings on your device
Step 2: Then go to iCloud
Step 3: Go to Storage and Backup
Step 4: Click on the App to want to manage
Step 5: Use the Delete Button to remove any item. To make multiple selections, tap on Edit button
Step 6: Tap to confirm
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For Private iCloud Data, Is Simple Deletion Enough?

This is a question that pops up many times when iCloud users delete iCloud data for their devices. However, the reality is that a simple deletion is not enough.

For security of our data, it is important that we completely erase iOS data, and then sync the totally safe iOS data to iCloud.

The reason is simple; a simple deletion of data will not erase it completely leaving it vulnerable for data criminals to retrieve them with data recovery tools. Remember that your iOS data in the hands of criminals is dangerous as it can be used against you.