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iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser Review: Smart Cleaning and Optimization for Your iPhone

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Kevin Walker

June 21, 2017 (Updated: April 24, 2018锛

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Your iPhone is, at the end of the day, a smartphone. It is a mobile device just like any other one and it will get slower or rather, less efficient with time, but not unless you maintain your iPhone properly. This iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser or iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser for Mac Review will give you a complete idea on how to optimize your phone鈥檚 performance and get the best out of it.

Windows version Mac version

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iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser is a desktop-based software which provides a comprehensive solution to every single problem which can cause or are causing your iPhone to slow down. Rated by users as the best iPhone data cleaning software, it is a must-use software for more reasons than one.

iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser Review

As this is a desktop-based software program, it immediately holds a strong advantage over mobile-based apps with the same function. You will need to connect your iPhone to your PC to get to work. Here are some special features of iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser:

  • Support both Windows and Mac computer.
  • Five different functions to make your device faster and safer.
  • Easy to use, even a first-time user can use this program without too much problem by following the "Guide" on their website.
  • Provide a totally free trial version by which you can test if you are really need the software or not before purchasing.
  • The unique function to erase third-party apps fragments such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Snapchat and so on.

Although iMyFone Umate Pro data eraser is highly spoken of by thousands of users, there are still many pros and cons of it.


1 Multiple Cleaning Options

You will find yourself up against 5 options to be precise including Junk, Temporary and Large Files along with Photos and Apps. If you have the time, this software can make it worth every single second with these specific options.

2 On-Phone Data Management Features

Syncing your PC with your iPhone does not always mean that you have to transfer every single thing off your mobile device. You can compress those things which you want to keep on your iPhone while still accessing them afterward, thus saving space.

3App Management

App Management is part and parcel for a mobile device. For this iMyFone Umate Pro Review, it鈥檚 safe to say that this function can save both space and get your iPhone back to speed. This software uses the PC as the master software to configure even those apps which cannot be moved on the device.

4Privacy and Security Options

You must have read about how iPhones are easy targets to unwanted third parties. Deleted files and apps can sometimes leave enough software footprint behind for someone snooping around to retrieve your personal information. A nice thumbs-up worth mentioning for this iMyFone Umate Pro Review 鈥 it leaves zero footprint of deleted info and apps behind.



You will find advertisement windows popping up every now and then especially on the home screen. This is something which registered users will find disturbing to say the least and is an unavoidable mention.

2Mandatory USB

iMyFone Umate Pro does give that feeling of being a PC-Mobile suite. The mandatory USB connection does seem negative even though it鈥檚 actually plus-point.

3No Mobile App Version

You might have expected a mobile format or a scaled-down version but there is none.

What do Users Expect from an iPhone Data Cleaning Software?

Smartphones do end up storing huge amounts of unwanted data eating up the internal storage. iPhone users like you comprise of a complete creed or section who are dependent on iOS-based apps, iTunes and Apple Store.

iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser Review does show you that this software covers most of the aspects which users will expect along with a few more added bonuses. But you may still end up preferring a mobile app over PC software. But a point which you should consider is that mobile apps still have processing limits and therefore functional limits too.

erase iPhone

3 Popular iPhone Data Cleaning Software

1 PhoneClean

A clean and user-friendly experience, multiple single-point optimization options 鈥 this is one of the most popular iPhone Data Cleaning Software around. It can mark unnecessary applications or data and will provide you selective options for removal. But, although it provides brilliant space management and syncing options, you will find that it lacks app management functions.



Easy to use, this software provides multiple single click options for customizable cleaning up both apps and files. It has separate navigational sections for quick cleaning options and file management. But you will find it falling short in managing apps as it lacks app management options.



An intuitive display with numerous tiles and options go with them 鈥 you will find this software fun to use. It provides easy breakup of storage files along with multiple options for space management. Another mentionable feature is its single-click PC syncing function making file transfer between devices as easy as possible. But it does not have any options for hosting and managing in-device applications or added security.


Expert Opinion

An iPhone user will expect data cleaning software to do more than just clean and sync your iPhone and PC. You want to optimize your device, provide added management options beyond just storage along with advanced security. You will find all these pointers mentioned in this iMyFone Umate Pro Data Eraser Review. This software has it all, and you are advised to use this above others.

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