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iOS 13 : Installation Method, Key Features, Main Problems

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Tata Davis

August 10, 2016 (Updated: September 3, 2019锛

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Do you know that since the first release of iPhone in 2007, Apple Inc. has achieved the purpose of changing the way people see their phone? People do not see their iPhone as a call-text device, they see it as a powerful electronic device that can makes them to be more productive, have fun, know their environment, track events, socialize with friends, and keep themselves busy.

Apple Inc. having set this pace, knew that there would be greater expectations from users, and have been improving the capabilities of its iPhone's operating system to meet these expectations. Hence, iOS 13 is a refinement on better ways of seeing and using iPhone for higher satisfaction.

ios 12

3 Most Attractive Features of iOS 13

Raise To Wake: Apple Lockscreen has been redesigned to light up when your iPhone is lifted up from a surface. It also comes with a new unlocking instruction "Press Home to Open" instead of "Slide to Unlock".

Water Detection: iOS 13 has notifications for water detection on your iPhone. It is true that iPhone 6 and earlier versions are not waterproof, but rumors have it that iPhone 7 which is the sole purpose of iOS 13 will be waterproof.

Talk to Siri Normally: Siri will be open to iOS app developers, and it will be efficient in carrying out instructions like "Send a WeChat to Nancy saying I'll be five minutes late."

How to Download iOS 13 Public

To download and enjoy iOS 13 Publicright now and start using its exciting features right away, you may need to backup your files and data to your PC or iCloud account. Then you can follow the listed steps:

Step 1: Log on to to get started.
Step 2: Login your Apple ID and password, or create an Apple ID if you do not have one.
Step 3: Click on the iOS tab and select "Download Profile" and tap on "Install".
Step 4: You will need to reboot your device at the end of the installation.

apple beta software

iOS 13 Problems Discovered So Far

If the truth must be told, then to be honest with you, iOS 13 public is not yet perfect for iOS users. Hence, it will be deceptive to advise you to download and install iOS 13 public if you depend so much on your iPhone. Some of the problems discovered so far with this iOS 13 public include:

  • Force Touch does not work well on SMS reply, when used; it can lead to iOS freezing, thereby requiring you to restart your device.
  • If you take screenshot of your Lockscreen, your iDevice will restart automatically.
  • Dismissing alarms from the Lockscreen is impossible, when done, the alarm continues to display as "Snoozing" with negative time.
  • Lockscreen timeout after 30 seconds, even when interacting with a notification app.
  • Messages are re-notified if you reply them from the Lockscreen.
  • You will have to manually install all the app update because "Update All Apps" button does not work.

Several other errors with iOS 13 public are yet to be corrected. Hence, you may need to value your options once again before installing this version of iOS 13.

iMyFone Umate Pro 鈥 All-in-One Solution to Improve iOS Performance

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is an application that known for iPhone storage space release and better performance. With iMyFone Umate Pro, you can cleanup all junk files, needless files and useless files/apps that can contribute to iOS 13 Public bad performance. You can also use iMyFone Umate Pro to create enough space for iOS download and installation.

Windows version Mac version

iMyFone Umate Pro have some exciting features that will help to improve your iOS 13 Public performance, and they include:

1. Two Releasing Patterns - After the quick scanning, you can release all the storage space you need selectively or in a group. Hence, you can use one click to delete all junk files, compress your photos, manage your apps, and delete temp files, cookies and cached files.

save ios space

2. Four Erase Modes - There are 4 modes by which you can delete analyze, backup and delete your iPhone data. With 1-click to free up space, you won't need to start selecting the files one after the other, just a click will free up your needed space.
Erase All Data mode lets you to restore your iPhone to its factory settings;
Erase Deleted Files would let you preview and erase your deleted files permanently;
Erase Private Data takes care of your sensitive files in order to avoid privacy leak.

erase ios 10

3. File Preview Before Delete - iMyFone Umate Pro lets you preview the files you will like to delete before deleting them from your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

erase ios data

4. Three Security Levels - The 3 device erasing levels helps the system to know how in-depth it needs to clean your iPhone. The recommended security level is the medium level, and we believe that it will suit your purpose.

erase ios data

Must-Have Tools for iOS 13 Devices

Not enough storage to upgrade to iOS 13? Umate will get huge storage back for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


Get a new iPhone, don鈥檛 know how to deal with the old one? Umate Pro will help you erase all personal data for privacy protection.

Lost important data when upgrading to iOS 13? D-back will get all your lost iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch data back.

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