iOS 13聽have聽some new and exciting features but unfortunately, older iOS devices聽such as iPhone tend to run slow after updating to聽iOS 13. There could be a number of reasons why iPhone runs slow on the updated firmware. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix it.

iOS 13 Slow on iPhone? Tips to Speed Up聽Its聽Performance

Following are some tips to speed up iOS 13聽performance, all of them can be used for iPhone X/8/7/6s/SE/6/5s/5/4 and all models of iPad.

Clear Junk聽& Temp Files to Fix “iOS 13 Slow on iPhone”聽Issue

iMyFone Umate Pro is a professional聽software that you can use to clear junk/temp files from your iPhone and speed up its performance. It聽scans your iPhone with advanced space-cleaning analysis and allows you to free up space with one click. There are many features of this software.

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Key Features:

  • Clear junk/temp files in any iOS devices聽running iOS 13 with one click and speed up its performance.聽
  • Optimize iOS performance by compressing large photos, clearing useless files and large files.
  • Umate Free can also scan and wipe incomplete data traces left by third-party apps. Wiping such data not only frees up space but also boosts iOS performance.
  • It's recommended by lots of noted media arround the world: MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED, etc.

iMyFone Umate Pro (Windows version)    iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac

Steps to Clear Junk Files and Temp Files

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac/Windows computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 2. The home interface of iMyFone Umate Pro will be shown now. Click "Quick Scan" to begin a complete space-saving analysis.

analysis iOS device

Step 3. After scanning, the next interface will show the storage occupied by junk files and temporary files. Click on Clean button beside them to clear.

scan iOS device

Then you will find that even you update to iOS 13, your iPhone can still work smoothly as normal!

Other Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Erase your private data permanently, including Messages, Contacts, Call History, Safari Data, Bookmarks, WhatsApp Messages & Attachments, etc (Lear More >)
  • Previously deleted data is actually still saved on the device. iMyFone Umate Pro erases them all with no chance of recovery.
  • All you to preview data, so that erase your data selectively.
  • Permanently erase traces/fragments of third-party apps to avoid privacy leak.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

A lot of iOS users restart their iOS devices when something goes wrong. A normal restart sometimes proves to be useful as it clears RAM and cache and fixes the device slowdown. However, it聽doesn’t always work. If that is the case with you, then it is recommended that you hard reset your device to fix the “iOS 13 Slow on iPhone”. Even Apple suggests it. Force reboot, hard reset, force restart, they are all different names for the same thing.

Follow these instructions to hard reset your iPhone:

  1. Press the Sleep/Wake button of your device and hold it.
  2. Press the Home button of your device and hold it.
  3. Keep holding those two buttons for at least ten seconds. An Apple logo will appear on the screen. When it does, let go of the buttons. The hard-reset process will start.


Reset iOS System Settings

When it comes to fix聽iOS 13聽slow聽on iPhone聽issue, you can try to reset all聽settings as this has proven to improve performance for many users. Resetting iOS system settings will not erase your data such as your photos, videos, music, notes, etc. Instead, it will simply reset your custom settings to default.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Reset > Reset All Settings.
  3. Now input to your password and then confirm your action on the pop-up window. The reset process will begin.


Change a New Battery

Apple admits that they release updates that cause the iOS devices聽with older batteries to slow down and reduce their performances. According to Apple, they do this to prevent unexpected shutdowns of iOS devices that have older/worn out batteries. A relatively older battery cannot handle the processing demands as they do when they are new. The problem of slowdown is directly associated with the older/flagging battery.

So, if you want your iPhone to run faster as it should with the new iOS 13 update, it is recommended that you replace your old battery with a new one.

Disable iOS Background App Refresh

Apart from updating when you use your iPhone apps, these apps also refresh their content in the background when you are not using them. Some of the common apps that do this include Twitter, Facebook, etc. They update their feed automatically in the background without asking your permission. This background refresh process takes up CPU resources and may cause the iOS 13 slow down iPhone 6 issue.

Follow these instructions to disable Background App Refresh:

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General > Background App Refresh.
  • Now use the toggle to switch this feature off.
  • Alternatively, you can also disable Background App Refresh feature for individual apps.


Reduce Transparency and Motion Effects

Transparency and motion effects are added in the iOS by Apple to enhance your overall user experience. You can see these effects in action when you open and close apps, tilt your device, etc. However, older devices such as iPhone may slow down due to these enhanced effects. So, if you want to improve your device’s performance then it is recommended that you turn these features off.

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.
  • Use the toggle switch to turn it on.


  • Now navigate back to the Accessibility section and tap the option called Increase Contrast.
  • There, use the toggle to turn on the feature called Reduce Transparency.