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iOS 13: A Major Boost on iPhone and iPad Performance

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Aaron Donald

June 8, 2018 (Updated: July 11, 2019锛

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Worried that Apple鈥檚 new iOS upgrade would bring new features but slow down your iPhone/iPad speed or performance? That鈥檚 not going to happen this time; this new software will immensely upgrade performance. Apple鈥檚 spokesperson Craig Federighi said 鈥渢he development of iOS 13 will see it 鈥渄ouble down on performance鈥 to make the phones 鈥渇aster and more responsive鈥.

The new software will be available on every iPhone or iPad that can run iOS 12. So, your old iPhone 6 Plus will be able to launch 40% faster. We will be discussing some of the intriguing features of iOS 13, and other features you need to know.

iOS 12

iOS 13 Major Update: Performance, Performance, Performance

iOS 13 VS iOS 11 shows that iOS 13 has a greater level of speed and performance over iOS 11. The result also shows that the performance and speed of iOS 13 will benefit users of new and older versions of iPhone/iPads. iOS 13 performance is the focus of Apple鈥檚 new iOS upgrade when you look at the fact that it supports all iOS devices that were capable of supporting iOS 11.

How Faster would iOS 13 be:

Therefore, with iOS 13, Apple looks forward to putting iOS 11 behind for good. It also promises that older versions of iPhone will be 40% to 70% faster at certain tasks. For example:

  • Apps launch up to 40% faster;
  • Keyboard display up to 50% faster;
  • Camera shifts up to 70% faster.

iOS 12 faster

Good News: The new iOS 13 will be compatible with iPhone 5S, iPad mini2, and iPad Air and newer.

When software VP Craig Federighi announced on WWDC 2018 stage that 鈥淔or iOS 13, we are doubling down on performance,鈥 we became conscious to know how that would work out. We know you are also interested in getting a clue on how Apple will double down on performance. The following video clip will give you a better clue.

The Easy but Effective Way to Boost iOS Performance

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iMyFone Umate Pro review

Steps to Improve iPhone Performance using Umate Pro

Step 1: Download, install and run iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC while connecting your iPhone/iPad using a USB cable.

Step 2: Click 鈥Quick Scan鈥 for Umate Pro to analyze your device and list out all the junk files on your iPhone.

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Step 3: Click the 鈥Clean鈥 button to recover your iPhone space and make your iPhone speed/performance better.

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Interesting & Useful Features of iOS 13

It鈥檚 entirely true that Apple is working hard to make iOS run faster and better, but iOS 13 will come with some new features. Here are some of the features that will interest you.

1 Evolved Augmented Reality

There have been various rumors that Apple in union with Pixar are working on a new file format that鈥檚 specifically designed for augmented reality application. Today, that鈥檚 no longer a rumor but a big fact. Apple鈥檚 software VP Craig Federighi called it 鈥淯SDZ鈥 and likened it to 鈥渟omething like AR Quick Look.鈥 This new feature is expected to grace the new iOS 13 when beta 1 is released in June.

iOS 12 reality arkit

2 Screen Time

Apple is concerned about how your iOS device affect you. Hence, screen time helps you to strike a better and healthier balance iOS devices and the life of the user. So, Screen Time will show you how much time you spend on your iPhone/iPad, time you spend on individual apps, track apps that are sending you the most notification, and group app usage by category.

iOS 12 Screen Time

3 Make Photo Sharing Easier

The upgraded photo app in iOS 13 will make sharing photos easier by making sharing suggestions. If you and your friends went to an event, friends who receive photos will be prompted to share their own photos and videos from the same event. This new feature seems to be an attempt to catch up to Google Photos.

iOS 12 Make Photo Sharing Easier

4 FaceTime Group Calling

Apple鈥檚 video chat app will be capable of hosting more than one person in a video conversation when the iOS 13 beta 1 is released. The group face feature will be able to hold group video call sessions that will support 32 people. This feature will also be available to Mac users. When the individuals in the group chat are many, the video window concentrate on the person talking by enlarging his/her window, and shrinks when they鈥檙e not talking. You can also use an animoji or memoji to represent your face.

iOS 12 FaceTime Group Calling

5 Smarter Siri

With the claim that Siri is the most popular digital assistant in the world, Apple struggles to keep that lead by allowing developers more integration with iOS 13. Now, third-party apps will be allowed to build shortcuts that would allow Siri carry our quick actions.

iOS 12 Smarter Siri

6 New Memoji

Apple will be introducing custom emoji that looks like you. This is what Apple refers to as 鈥淢emoji鈥. iOS 13 will allow you to create characters that look like yourself and choose skin colors, hairstyle, and outfits that you like.

iOS 12 New Memoji

All these and many more are the features we hope to see when Apple releases iOS 13 beta on June 26. We hope you enjoy faster speed with iOS 13.

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