Since the invention of Apple’s mobile device operating system, Apple’s iOS development engineers have had their focus fixed on making iOS devices do more, rather than improving on the efficiency and quality of what is done. However, with the invention of iOS 13, Apple is approaching development from the angle of speed and performance rather than bringing more features to iOS.

Therefore, if Apple claims that iOS 13 should not be judged based on features but on performance, then let’s compare it with iOS 12 to see how well it will perform.

iOS 13 VS iOS 12

What features will Apple iOS 13 come with as it’s launched this summer? We’ve made a list of these features, and what makes them better in iOS 13 than iOS 12.

#1. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Home Screen

The new iOS 13 Home Screen Feature will be cleaner than that of iOS 12. The Home Screen will include apps with only icons and no names written below them. Don’t forget that iOS 13 will be coming with new and finer wallpaper, which is more preferable to the one in iOS 12.

#2. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Sound Bar

  • iOS 13 will come with a new soundbar that would be located at the top of the iOS Home Screen in order to allow quick access to volume control while using your iOS device.
  • This is not the same with iOS 12 soundbar which hidden below the home screen, and you have to flip up your iPhone screen to see.

#3. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Face ID Update

Facial Recognition is going beyond opening the iPhone lock screen to even locking and unlocking iOS apps. With the invention of iOS 13, you can now lock and unlock certain apps in your device using Face ID technology, but this feature is only for those using iPhone X.

#4. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Guest Mode

The all-new guest mode in iOS 13 will allow anyone who needs to use your iOS device some certain permission to access some apps and features in your iPhone or iPad in the face of an emergency.

#5. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Multiple Timers

  • iOS 13 users will be able to set multiple countdown clocks on their iPhones.
  • This feature is not available in iOS 12, and you can only enjoy multiple timers in iOS 13.

#6. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Safari

The latest iOS News and More is suggesting to iOS users that iOS 13 will be coming with fast links at the top of the Safari screen and the Search bar will be moved to the bottom of the window.

#7. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: FaceTime

Many iOS users have been clamoring for more features in FaceTime such as conference calls. Now, iOS 13 is bringing conference style calls to iPhone and iPads users who are also using FaceTime app on their device.

#8. iOS 13 VS iOS 12: Notification Dots

iOS 13 will come with a new feature called notification dots. Whenever you receive a text message, mentioned in a tweet, have a Facebook notification, or get an alert from an app, two color-changing dots will appear at the top of your screen.

Should I Run iOS 13?

Yes, I believe iOS 13 is worth giving a shot. The public beta is available now for you to review and see what iOS 13 will look like. You download it now and install it on your older and newer iPhones as it supports both.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Space to Install iOS 13

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