iOS 13 brings lots of new features and enhancements. The most important of these features are related to location and privacy. iOS 13 has apparently doubled down the privacy and security aspects by introducing a new way to log into websites and apps. Read on to learn about these features and enhancements.

Part 1. What鈥檚 the New Feature of Location Privacy in iOS 13?

The main feature introduced in iOS 13 related to location privacy is the ability to control apps鈥 access to your location. In previous iOS versions, apps could constantly request access to your location every time you open them up. However, in iOS 13, there are three different options.

#1. Decide how often apps can track your location

With iOS 13 location privacy聽feature, you can now change to different options i.e. allow continuous location access when the app is being used, allow once, or don鈥檛 allow location access to the app at all.

You will receive a message when you first use an app that asks if you would like to approve constant access. Also if you want to always have access to an app, you can go to Settings聽>聽Privacy聽>聽Location Services聽and tap the app's name. Here you can change the permission setting of an app.


#2. Check how often apps track your location

In iOS 13, it will be more transparent on how often an app accesses your location. A map of all places will check your location in the background and it will also allow you to change the app settings.


#3. Stop location-snooping from another way

You should notice that some apps never ask permission to your location, but it doesn鈥檛 mean that they didn鈥檛 get your location through other ways like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With iOS 13, you can decide if you need to use Bluetooth when you first use an app. You will be surprised that many apps did not actually need to use Bluetooth which you can turn it off in Settings>Privacy>Bluetooth list.

bluetooth settings iOS 13

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Part 2. How Can it Improve the Users鈥 Privacy?

The new feature basically gives you more control over how often your installed apps can access your location. Thanks to this feature, you can stop apps from scanning nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices to guess your location. This ultimately protects your privacy.

The process of apps accessing your location is also more transparent now thanks to the periodic alert feature that includes a map of all the places an installed app has checked your location while you are using it.

Apart from this, there are certain apps that don鈥檛 even request to access your location but still use known Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks to guess your location. The new location privacy feature protects your privacy by showing a prompt requesting access to your Bluetooth functionality hence providing you more control over such apps.

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