There are so many features and functionalities to expect with the release of iOS 13, but that鈥檚 not the only concern we have about the all-new Apple software. Just a few weeks ago, OpenID Foundation warned Apple device Users about the privacy and security problems that they might face with iOS 13.

Therefore, we鈥檒l outline and discuss iOS 13 new features, and explain what you can do to protect your iOS device information from privacy leakages.

Part 1. What Are iOS 13's New Privacy Features?

From the inception of iOS, Apple has insisted on giving its customers strong security features and privacy across its services and devices. Here, are some of the keynotes on the exciting privacy-related features of iOS 13, which were announced in WWDC 2019.

#1. Maps and Location

The new location feature get a good update with the release of iOS 13. It gives the options to change access from 鈥淎lways鈥 to 鈥淥nly while using鈥 and lets you instruct an app to use your location data only once. So an app will need to ask next time it wants to track your location. Also, it will show you a map of the location data an app has acquired and why each app needs to access to your location.

maps and location iOS 13

#2. Sign In with Apple

The all-new Apple sign-in feature allows you to sign in to apps, and services using your Apple ID and password. 鈥淪ign in with Apple鈥 is similar to what we see on many online services that allow you to sign in to their services using your Facebook or Google credentials.

sign in with apple iOS 13

#3. HomeKit Protections

Through the HomeKit security upgrade, Apple is hoping to prove that privacy protection should not end with data encryption, but should apply to other aspects of life. Hence, the HomeKit will come with Routers, which is meant to protect all the home devices from external attacks.

homekit protections iOS 13

#4. Find My

The new 鈥淔ind My鈥 combines the features of 鈥淔ind My Friends鈥 and 鈥淔ind My Phone鈥 into a single application. This new expanded app will run on macOS computers and iOS devices and would let you locate offline devices using beacons.

find my iOS 13

#5. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Tracking

Many iOS apps never ask for access to location information but use your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to know your real location. These apps will now be prevented from accessing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. Hence, every app that requires Bluetooth functionality must request for it.

bluetooth and wifi tracking iOS 13

Want to know more about iOS 13 new features? Check here to get more information right away.

Part 2. What Else Can You Do to Protect Privacy on iPhone?

There are many things you can do to protect your iOS 13 privacy聽and ensure data security within your iOS device, but the most significant step anyone who wants to secure his/her privacy should take is to acquire iMyFone Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac or Windows is the software that helps us to totally and permanently erase iOS device data from Apple mobile devices. This program is very useful in erasing iOS data to secure your privacy especially when you want to sell or gift out the phone.

Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

You will benefit from iMyFone Umate Pro while using the features and functionalities listed below.

#1. Erase Private Data

The iMyFone Umate Pro “Erase Private Data” feature offers you the opportunity to preview and selectively erase personal data efficiently as if they never existed on your device.

delete guide

#2. Erase Deleted Files

The iMyFone Umate Pro “Erase Deleted Files” mode offers you the opportunity to completely erase previously deleted files that are still saved in the storage memory of iOS devices.

delete guide

#3. Erase Private Fragments

iMyFone Umate Pro can erase all 3rd-party private app fragments that are stored within your iOS device. These fragments can cause serious privacy compromise if allowed to remain in the device.

delete guide

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Why OpenID Foundation Said, 'Sign In with Apple' is not Secure Enough?

The OpenID Foundation (the organization behind the OpenID open standard and decentralized authentication protocol) said in an open letter that “Sign in with Apple” would expose many Apple device users to greater security and privacy risk.

The reason for this statement is that Apple has built Sing In with Apple on the OpenID connect platform without fully implementing the OpenID compliant standards. Hence, the OpenID Foundations see Apple's invention as great security and privacy risk to her users. The spokesperson of OpenID Foundation has urged Apple to address the list of differences聽between Sign In with Apple and OpenID Connect platform.

In all, we’ve seen the need to fortified our privacy and data security urgently as we expect the release of iOS 13. Hence, we urge you to get iMyFone Umate Pro as an extra layer of privacy protection and data security.