How to Turn off iOS Activation Lock (iOS 11 Supported)

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The preinstalled “Find My iPhone” App has an iOS 11 activation lock. This is to prevent any strangers from getting access to your iPhone. It is a security feature enabling users to prevent their iOS 11 device from falling into the wrong hands of perpetuators. In order to activate iOS 11 activation lock, first enable it on your device. This links your device, iPhone, iPad, iWatch to the Apple servers. This passcode protected lock is a convenient way to keep your device safe. You would need to type in a password on order to deactivate this lock.

What to Do if I Purchase iDevice Whose iOS 11 Activation Lock Linked to Other’s Account

It is quite possible that you open your Apple device and find that iOS 11 activation lock is still linked to the previous owner’s account. You need to contact the previous owner and ask them to erase the device and remove the iOS 11activation lock. The screen might view either of the two things.

1 It asks for an Apple ID and passcode, which mean the device has already been erased.

The previous owner should follow the steps below to remove their account.

  1. Go to and log in with their Apple ID.
    Go to “Find My iPhone”.
  2. Tap “All Devices” and choose your device.
  3. Hit “Remove from Account”.

Then you restart your iDevice and follow the instructions to set it up.


2 It asks for a passcode, which means the device hasn’t been erased yet.

The previous owner should remotely erase the device first and then remove the device from their iCloud account.

  1. Go to and log in with their Apple ID.
  2. Go to “Find My iPhone” and tap “All Devices” to choose your iDevice.
  3. Tap “Erase iPhone/iPad”.
  4. Enter their Apple passcode and hit “Next”. Then hit “Next” again without entering a phone number.
  5. Hit “Done” without writing a message. (Now the iDevice has been erased.)
  6. Hit “Remove from Account” and click “Remove” to confirm.

How to Check for iOS 11 Activation Lock Before Purchasing An iDevice

Instead of going through all this trouble it is better that you check your iDevice for the iOS 11 activation lock before purchasing one that is already used.

  • You can check iOS 11 activation lock status of your device by visiting from any computer.
  • Or you should switch on the device and see if there is any passcode required to continue. You would know it instantly if the device has an iiOS activation lock or not. To completely ensure that the device is safe to purchase from an authorized retailer. If you see the screen displaying “Set up your iPhone” “Set up your iPad” or “Set up your iPod” you should be content that the device does not have an iOS 11 activation lock.

When do We Need to Turn off iOS 11 Activation Lock on iOS 11

  • Erase your iDevice and turn off iOS 11 activation lock before you sell or give away your device. Or other person can not activate and use the device.
  • Turn off iOS 11 activation lock before sending your device to repair. (It is always wise to play safe. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can also back up your data and reset.) Or the technicians cannot be able to perform service on your device.

What We can Do to Protect Privacy When iOS 11 Activation Lock is Off

Once you do decide to turn off the iOS 11 activation lock, the best way to protect yourself from privacy leak is to permanently erase any private data from your device. Reset may be a good choice but not the best one because it is still possible to retrieve data. You’d best consider third party software with advanced overwriting technologies.

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac would be a great choice to you. It gives you an easy way to get rid of all your files before giving away your device. iOS 11 activation lock might delete all your data and store it on iCloud, but iMyFone Umate Pros features enables you to completely eliminate all the unnecessary files and data without any trouble. No trace of recovery will be left after data erased by it. No matter when you want to give away your device or send it to repair, “Erase All Data” mode may be suitable for you since it is the all-in-one solution to get rid of all the data.

Windows version Mac version

Follow these simple steps in order to erase data from your device:

Step 1: Connect your device to your PC and let it sync.


Step 2: Once it is connected proceed by selecting ‘Erase All Data’ option. Click on the “Erase” option.


Step 3: You will then be asked to type “Delete” in the box in order to confirm. Check the appropriate security level and hit “Erase Now” button.


If you do not want to give your device away, other modes of iMyFone Umate Pro are useful to you.

1-Click Free Up Space: It makes regular cleaning on your iPhone or iPad easier. You don’t need to delete useless data one by one. All required is 1 click. You can simply clean as many as 30+ types of junk files, temporary files, mass delete or losslessly compress photos, remove large files and uninstall unwanted apps in bulk.

Erase Private Data: Here you can preview and select only the unwanted private data to erase. Most of the default iOS 11 files are supported here, like messages, notes, photos, call history, message attachment, Safari cookies, Safari history, and more. Besides, it also supports to erase WhatsApp and WeChat chats and attachment.

Erase Deleted Files: Even the previously deleted files can be found out here and permanently erased. You don’t need to worry about the deleted files will suffer the risks of being retrieved. Even some deleted fragments which cannot be displayed can be erased completely as well, like SnapChat history.