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The Safest Way: How to iPhone 4 Erase all Content and Settings

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Aaron Donald

November 3, 2016 (Updated: April 12, 2017)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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Are you the user of iPhone 4? Then you no doubt have wondered how to get your iPhone 4 back to the relative tranquillity of factory settings. Sometimes we can find that our iPhone 4 is too full of music, apps, images and the like to take the time to run through it all one-by-one.

As such, you might just want to empty the iPhone 4 entirely and erase all content and settings from your iPhone 4. Does this sound like what you want to do? Then several very useful tools exist that will allow you to do just that.

The Safest Way to Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone 4

The first thing that you want to take into account is doing this safely – nothing is more annoying than wiping your data and losing items that you needed. The safest way to erase all content and settings iPhone 4 is going to come from a piece of software known as iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac.

It’s a successful and well-liked piece of kit that brings a wide depth of detail to the table. It also makes completely wiping your iPhone a walk in the park – it allows for total clearance of your iPhone 4, with nothing left when finished. And even the latest recovery tools still cannot retrieve the data erased by iMyfone Umate Pro.

Windows version Mac version

If you want to erase your iPhone 4 of all available information on it, then you need to know where to start. Here are the three simple steps that you can take when you want to wipe your iPhone 4 of data entirely, 100% unrecoverable.

How to Erase All Content and Settings iPhone 4

1. Download iMyfone Umate Pro. Once it’s good to go, you simply need to connect up your iOS device to computer. You will need to verify the machine you are using if you have never used it in this way before.


2. Once connected, simply select ‘Erase All Data’ from the side and let the Erase process begin to take place. Then, confirm it and change the depth of erasure that you wish to see. Make sure you are satisfied with your choice – there’s no going back once this starts.


3. You’ll be asked to confirm the process by typing ‘delete’ into the box to confirm your intentions.


Other Amazing Features of iMyfone Umate Pro

iMyfone Umate Pro, though, brings more to the table than just data erasing abilities, apart from erasing all content and settings iPhone 4. You can make use of various features and utilities through this system. Each will make it easy to look after your iPhone and give it the ease of use that you are likely looking for here.

    1. First off, you can use “1-Click Free Up Space” to completely clean your iPhone for much more free space. This looks at things like file sizes, unused apps, uncompressed media and the like to remove these pieces of excess file usage. Now you can clean up the disk on your iPhone to make sure it runs without problems later.


    2. It can help you to find out previously deleted files and permanently erase them. This means getting rid of all traces. Even deleted files leave behind a small footprint on the device, and this removes that footprint entirely. If you would like to make sure you have the means to look after the privacy of your iPhone, this can help.


    3. Also, you can get rid of private data like passwords and the like. This is useful for wiping the iPhone of all passwords, PINs, call history, contact, photos, messages, and similar. If you intend on moving the iPhone on or selling it for example, this can be useful to protect yourself from potential fraud problems.


So, as you can see, iMyfone Umate Pro provides a simple and easy way for you to look after yourself with an easy solution. No longer do you need to watch your iPhone struggle to cope with the requirements of your average day. Now, it offers simplicity when managing your iPhone accordingly.

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