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Concerns! You Should Have Regarding Your iPhone Security

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Aaron Donald

December 6, 2016 (Updated: April 12, 2017锛

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Cybercrime today is no joke. It seems like dishonorable hackers and scammers are around every corner of the Internet, keen on taking you for a ride and taking your money or identity along with them. Many people feel that because they use iOS instead of more open (and thus less secure) platforms, that they are safer. To some extent this is true simply by virtue of the fact that there are natural limits on what sort of apps can be sold in the Apple store, for instance, but at the end of the day, no platform is totally secure. You should still take responsibility for the integrity of your iPhone by minding the following tips.

Part 1 Top 5 Tips for iPhone Security

1 Mind Your App's Permissions

Though in theory you should be safe from the worst kinds of malware when you are restricted to approved apps that you download from the Apple store, you never know what kinds of information the apps are collecting below the radar. Just in case, be sure to check your app's permissions and disable them if they seem to be too intrusive.

    Go to 鈥Settings鈥 and scroll down. Tap each 3rd party app to chance the permissions.

2 Keep Updated

Updates don't just exist to endlessly annoy you (though they might), they have important iPhone security features that you should take seriously. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself from flaws in the software and potential holes that can be exploited by malicious parties is to always keep your iPhone updated.

3 Use 鈥淔ind My iPhone鈥

You can turn this on and off, and it can be a great asset to have if your iPhone gets lost or stolen. With this feature, you can ascertain the physical location of your iPhone as well as remotely control it to some degree. For example, you can erase your data if you're concerned that it has fallen into the wrong hands.

    Go to 鈥Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone鈥.
Find My iPhone

4 Don't Download Strange Attachments

As always, don't just download everything you see in your e-mail inbox, as much of it could be malware. Of course, this has always been sound advice, since the dawn of the Internet. Security for iPhone is no different than other devices in that respect.

5 Change Your Passcode to a Passphrase

Finally, you're going to lock your device to make sure that people can't get to your private information with just a flick of the thumb if they happen to have physical access to your phone. Most people use the 6-digit passcode, but it's much more secure to use a passphrase instead, since it is much harder to 鈥渂rute force鈥.

Part 2 Another Major Tip When It Comes to Apple iPhone Security

One more thing that is worth considering are the security flaws that are inherent in your device. Did you know that lots of private information is stored on your iPhone, and that even 鈥渄eleting鈥 it might not permanently erase this data? The truth is that on most devices, including those running iOS, deleting material simply marks it to become invisible, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it's gone. As a result, this information might still be recoverable, and it may not be information that you want to available to anyone who will use your phone after you.

To take your security to another level, you might use software like iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to help permanently delete private information on your iPhone. It also allows you to get rid of all of the data that is on your iPhone all at once, resulting in a cleaner 鈥渞eset鈥 of the phone than what you might get through default channels. This is especially helpful if you're looking to set your iPhone up to be sold or given away. You certainly don't want potentially personal information to get into the hands of an identity thief. Even innocuous things like your name and address can potentially be used against you, so make sure that you truly empty your iPhone of data or else you could be taking a huge risk without realizing it.

Windows version Mac version

  • Erase Private Data: You can preview and individually erase unwanted personal data here. Apart from default app data, it also supports to erase WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and other 3rd party app data.
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  • Erase All Data: It is all-in-one choice to completely destroy everything on your device. It is similar to but much safer than 鈥淩eset鈥.
  • 1-Click Free Up Space: It can help you remove all useless data once. Cache, corrupted files, crash logs or other useless data sometimes would be danger for iPhone security. Cleaning them thoroughly can be easily done here with 1 click. 鈥淛unk Files鈥 is for FREE trial.

Erase Private Data

Its interface is friendly enough for most users. Only 3 steps are required to permanently erase your data.
erase steps

All in all, the iPhone is a pretty secure device, but there are definitely steps that you can take to make things better, so follow these tips and stay a few steps ahead of the scammers.

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