iPhone Speed Test – How Fast Is Your iPhone?

When your iPhone has become so slow it competes with a snail, it’s time to throw it away. Did that scare you? Well that’s how most people with slow iPhone feel. Yes, it’s that frustrating. However, breaking the head is not the antidote to a headache, rather finding the underlying cause to ascertain if it’s a symptom of something else.

The same goes for iPhones that are slow. You need to do the iPhone speed test and perform diagnosis to see the underlying reasons. It could be a rogue new app, junk files, temporary files, or other memory-related issues.

3 Free Apps to Check iPhone Speed

These three apps will serve as your diagnostic tools to see what is going on…These test usually covers metrics such as storage access speeds, processor speed, user experience, GPU speed, the speed of the device functions, and other task-specific tests as required by the user and as provided by the suggested apps.

1 AnTuTu

According to the developers of this app for iPhone speed test, the app allows users “know their iOS devices performance through hard numbers and solid facts.” The app provides tests such as User Experience, CPU, RAM, GPU, and I/O tests. Apart from the usual and widely accepted benchmarking – another name for performance test – matrix.

You can also use AnTuTu to compare your device performance with others. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is also available on Android.

iphone speed test

2 PerformanceTest Mobile

This speed app for iPhone is simple to use and provides results fast. The app comes with 17 standard benchmark tests under its specific standard test suites namely: CPU tests, Disk tests, Memory tests, and Graphics tests in both 2D and 3D. The app is very useful for users still rocking their older iPhones as the app is compatible with iOS as far back as 3.0. Also works on iPad and iPod touch.

iphone speed test

3 Geekbench 2

This app is somewhat limited with the test offered all revolving around processor and memory aspects. However, it also works on Android and provides you the means to taunt your friends with your iPhone superior performance against their Android devices. True to its name, using the app can be a tad complex to understand, yet still providing enough number you can use to fix up your iPhone performance.

iphone speed test

How to Optimize your iPhone Speed?

1. Free up Memory-related Performance Issues

Often times, the biggest culprits with performance issues are junk files and temporary files. Junk files and temporary files are files generated by the functions your device performs. From browsing sessions, to app crashes, to cache files, everything eventually piles up to slow down your iPhone.

iMyFone Umate Pro is an iPhone utility that can help you perform junk file cleanup as well as other cleaning functions. What more? The junk file cleanup is possible with the FREE TRIAL VERSION of iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac .

Windows version Mac version

Clear up Junk Files with Umate Pro for FREE

Step 1:Run and install the program and connect your device to your PC. But ensure iTunes is also launched.

Step 2:Click “Quick Scan” to see how all the space on your device is being used.

scan iphone

Step 3:From the result, click “Clean” for Junk files.

iphone speed test

Step 4:On the next page check or uncheck the junk files you want removed such as crash logs and photo caches, then click “Clean”.

After this Umate Pro will show you the amount of memory you’ve saved and what more you can save.

Other Powerful Functions for Optimizing Your iPhone

  • Clear up temporary files: Like junk files, temporary files are also not cool for your device. Umate Pro helps you delete them in one click.
  • Compress Photos: Photos and media form the largest percentage of iPhone memory usage. Umate Pro can compress your photos to a quarter of their initial size without a loss of quality. The utility also backups up your photos before any changes are made.
  • Mass delete photos, apps, and video: Umate Pro also affords you the means to delete apps, videos, and photos en mass in a swift manner rather than selecting one after the other.
  • Erase previously deleted files: Secure your privacy by scanning and erasing files you had previously deleted before in a way that nobody can ever retrieve them again, which the ordinary deletion cannot prevent.
  • Erase Whatsapp messages and attachment: Whatsapp harbors lots of files and attachment received from your friends and family. With Umate, you can delete these files and free up more space for your device.
  • Permanently erase messages, notes, and much more: Take your privacy a notch higher by deleting messages and incriminating files permanently with zero chance of recoverability.

2. Restore Your iPhone

Restoring your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud backup files to a period where it functioned properly. This is especially great if your performance issues are as a result of a newly installed app.

3. Upgrade Your device

Every iPhone release improves on the previous model and can handle much more errors. The newly iPhone 7 has a fantastic performance and speed that will offset most of the issues you’re having. But this is almost like a last resort and if you can afford it. If not, why not try the aforementioned steps and tips.

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