Storage almost full鈥 You can manage your storage in setting.”

Every iPhone owner must have seen those interconnected sentences in quote above on their iPhone screen. If you haven鈥檛 seen them yet, you will in no time. Of course, they are popups that keeps coming up most especially when saving new files. It鈥檚 the nightmare most iPhone users hate to see. It indicates the device storage is almost full; hence, the need for affirmative action. So what should you do when you have problems like 鈥渋Phone storage full but nothing on phone鈥?

Part 1. Why iPhone Storage Full but Nothing on Phone

Your music, photos, files, videos, apps, junk files and cache are a few of the reasons your device shows the nauseating popups. Worst still, your iPhone doesn鈥檛 have a 鈥渃lear all cache鈥 button unlike Android devices where spaces could be free up in minutes. The science behind the phenomenon isn鈥檛 far reaching. The devices are fighting what they made of-software design. The tons of apps and browser apps accumulate a lot of cache (junks) that eats up the space and before you know-the popups keep coming.

Unfortunately, most users hastily delete personal data to create more space until the popup seizes. If it persists, the frustration increases with more files for trashing.

The question here is: how many memorable pictures would you have to trash to get more space? Are there quick fixes (resetting device or deleting apps) the best solution?

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Storage Full but Nothing on Phone

Here鈥檚 what we know that鈥檚 good for you: iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac which is the Perfect Fix for Storage Issues. The iMyFone Umate Pro might not ring a bell but it鈥檚 being a savior for hundreds across the globe. Its DIY software designed for every iPhone users to avoid worries and incessant frustrations accustomed to Apple devices. The name 鈥渋MyFone鈥 is obviously coined from iPhone showing seemingly relationship between them. It helps erases junks, web browser cache and more without you losing sensitive and important data. It鈥檚 the best choice to fix iPhone Storage Full but Nothing on Phone.

umate pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • It’s clearly different from resetting your devices and loosing stuffs you need.
  • It painstakingly designed to clean junk and temp files, compress/export/delete irrelevant images and smartly manage large files.
  • Inactive apps are removed and performance is exceedingly boosted. It’s an all-in-one package for Apple devices.
  • It features one of the easiest to use cleaning process with auto backups and selective deletion.

Windows version Mac version

How can it help fix iPhone storage full but nothing on phone:

The software upon installation does the hard work the easiest way. It erases useless private data in the device, clear up long deleted data in form of junks and manages unused apps on iPhones to give more space. Immediately, the popup should stop and you’re back to enjoying your iPhone.

1 1 Click Free up Space:

It can help you fix the problem of iPhone storage full but nothing on phone by just simple clicks. It will clean up junk files, erase temporary files, compress photos, and delete large files to free up lots of space and speed up your iPhone/iPad.

delete guide

2 Erase Useless Private Data:

Actually you may not be aware of that you may keep lots of private files that are no longer useful, which will take up much space and put your personal data into a situation that may lead to data leakage. It will help you erase all your useless private data like messages, call history, safari cookie, photos and video, note etc.

delete guide

3 Erase Already Deleted Files:

It will help you make sure that your deleted files are no longer accessible or recoverable by any means. It’s necessary to ensure that your previously deleted data is gone forever to keep your data safe and free up more space on your phone.

delete guide

4 Manage Third-party Apps on iPhone:

It also offer an easy way for you to manage your unneeded apps on iPhone. It can help you erase incomplete private fragments which are produced by additional applications which always take up lots space on your phone.

delete guide

Part 3. Other Tips to Fix iPhone Storage Full but Nothing on Phone

Fixing the storage full problem isn鈥檛 limited to using software to be candid. In-house features with iPhone surely help. There are ways (tips) you can use to fix it, here鈥檚 a few you can lay your hands on;

1 Clear Cache:

Cache comes from data components saved for future purpose on a device. They could take up to gigabyte of data if left for long. You can clear them in web browsers safely to free up space. The low point here is; it’s a temporal fix and clearance won’t be total.聽

2 Reset Settings:

Overtime, many apps on the phone will accumulate cookies, cache and other junk files with continuous use. You can free up space by resetting your device to default settings i.e. deleting all third party apps and personal files. However, this comes with a price; you would lose valuable files with a reset.

3 Restore iPhone with iTunes:

iTunes also offer a quick fix to freeing up space for iPhones. Connect your device to a mac computer and clear files you don’t need or use.

The truth about iPhone being one of the best smartphone ever made still stand but it has shortcomings. The design doesn’t facilitate a self-cleaning procedure unless it’s initiated by the user. Though, it’s not all bad news. The result you get depends on the extent you’ve gone to make your smartphone “smart”. 聽iMyFone offers free trial for iPhone users to free space and clean their phone. Free only what should be deleted not resetting and losing all data. It can totally help you free from the problem of iPhone storage full but nothing on phone.

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