4 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone You Should Know

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Although the internet has changed certain aspects of our lives and brought convenience, especially when it comes to communication and information, it also has its downsides. Considering the inappropriate contents ravaging the web space today, it is important to use the iPhone parental control app to restrict how much your children are exposed to.

Best Free Parental Control App for iPhone

Apple provides built-in Restrictions (parental control) app that allow you to control and manage how your children use the internet, and limit them to check only sites and apps suitable for their age. This restriction comes with different options that allow you to control and restrict certain apps, privacy settings, data usage, kind of content and ratings, some device functions, and lots more.

Set Parental Control on iPhone (iOS 12)

To enable restrictions on iOS 12,

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Home screen. And click Screen Time.

Step 2: If this is your first time of opening Screen Time, click the splash screen that comes up with the option to Set up as a Parent.


Step 3: Follow the instructions to customize Downtime, Content & Privacy, App limits, and then create your 4-digit Parent Passcode. (You can from thence choose what content to block/allow, in-app purchases, location sharing, adult websites, etc). You can return to Settings, then Screen Time to make any modifications.

Set Parental Control on iPhone (iOS 11)

To enable restrictions on iOS 11 (or earlier versions),

Step 1: Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings app.

Step 2: Click General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.


Step 3: Enter a passcode. Make sure it is one you can easily remember, in case you need to deactivate the restrictions later. Better still, write down somewhere, because if you forget the passcode, you’ll have to erase the device, and then set it up from scratch. The passcode should be different from your Lock screen passcode.

Top 3 Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Parental Control & Kid Tracker

Parental Control & Kid Tracker is one of the best iPhone parental control app that helps parents to win control of, and track their children’s phone. It comes with awesome features that help parents to locate their family members and also manage their screen time.



  • One-touch internet and App blocker
  • Screen time schedules throughout the day/week.
  • App rules to block specific apps
  • GPS Geofencing
  • Real-time alerts that update you on your children’s movements
  • Child and Family tracking, using Family locator and Places.
  • Blocks texting apps
  • New App alerts- notifies you when your child installs a new App
  • Porn Blocker
  • Find my iPhone &iPad: Locates any of the devices paired to parent’s account, in case of theft or loss.
  • Block/allow Websites: Safe internet surfing by preventing access to specific apps.


This App offers Plus and Premium monthly auto-renewed subscriptions which are charged to your iTunes account. However, a free trial period of 1 week is available, after which you would be billed, and you can cancel auto-renewal if you do not want that.

Parental Control App - Kidslox

Kidslox is the perfect iPhone parental control app for managing your family’s screen time. All you need is one account, and you can add as many iPhones, iPods, iPads, and even other devices in your home. This app makes parental control easy, as you can priorities your family time and put daily limits on how much time your children spend on their phones, and what they do there.



  • Set screen time limits every day.
  • Individually disable disruptive/corruptive apps and sites.
  • Use the Kidslox timer to set on/off periods in child or Lockdown Mode.
  • Switch between unrestricted ‘Child mode’, ‘Parent mode’, and fully restricted ‘Lockdown Mode’ at the tap of a button.
  • Use a unique Kidslox PIN to prevent your kids from changing or tampering with restrictions.
  • Block internet access
  • Filter porn, and other adult contents to guarantee a safe browsing experience for your children.


On sign up, Kidslox gives you a 14-day (2 weeks) free trial period. After that, you either use the free basic version, or subscribe for $3.99 monthly, $19.99 for 6months, or $39.99 for a year. There is also the lifetime (one-off) subscription for $79.99.

Circle: Smart Family Control

This App offers a smart way to manage your family content and online time, on any device. It can work with your home Wi-Fi, so you can easily manage every device on your network (wired or wireless) without having to put any software on them.



  • Set up individual Filters for each family member
  • Set time limits for apps and websites
  • Avoid late night surfing by setting Bedtime for each family member
  • Reward your children by pumping up their Time limits, extending Bedtime, or removing off time.
  • Pause internet for individual family members and their devices, or even the whole network with just one click.
  • Schedule daily/weekly internet-free timings using OffTime.


Circle comes in two optional automatic renewing subscriptions- Circle Go, and Circle Premium (which is for supported NETGEAR routers), and they are charged to your iTunes account. They both cost $4.99.

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