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It is very important to clear browser history from your iPhone and it makes sense to understand why this is so. First of all, it is important in order to maintain privacy because all the sites you have visited are always stored in your iPhone history section.

Secondly, it helps to delete information stored in the form of cookies on your iPhone device because some of this information could be destructive and then your iPhone performance is improved since some amount of disk space is saved when the browser history is cleared, therefore increasing its performance.

Part 1: How to Clear Safari Browser History on iPhone?

You can clear your safari history on your iPhone manually and it is not that difficult. In this method, you do not require the services of any external or third party app to be installed on your device. All you need to do is to follow the steps and erase the safari browser history from iPhone.
Step 1: Go to the home screen and locate the Settings and tap on it.
Step 2: Then tap Safari from the settings window.
Step 3: As soon as the safari window opens, just tap the “Clear History and Website data”.
Step 4: A pop up box comes up, then tap the “Clear history and data” and clear the safari history on your iPhone.

delete Safari history from iPhone


Will the Method above Permanently Delete Browser History?
It is important to note that while it deletes the browser history, it does not permanently delete it so the answer to the question is NO. In fact, if you use the “Erase deleted file” function to scan your iPhone device, you are going to see a whole lot of deleted history records and this is a confirmation that it does not permanently delete these history records.

Part 2: How to Permanently Erase Browser History from iPhone?

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is one of the world’s number one all-in-one space saving tool for your iPhone and iPad devices with an incredible privacy protection features. It will help you clean files on your iPhone like messages, videos, photos as well as erase previously deleted files with zero opportunity for restoration. It gives you the opportunity to permanently delete browser history from iPhone.

Umate Pro is fully compatible with iOS 11 and receive lots of positive reviews from, , etc.
Detailed Instructions
Step 1: Download iMyFone Umate Pro and launch it at your computer.

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Step 2: Connect iPhone to computer.
Step 3: Select "Erase Private Data" mode to scan your iPhone.
scan to erase browser history from iPhone
Step 4: Select Safari history to delete and enter “delete" on the box to affirm permanently erase your browser history.

Umate Pro Key Features
It utilizes four great modes to safely and permanently erase data.

  • 1-Click Free Up Space: Removes junk files for free, removes large files, delete photos from your device with just one click.
  • Erase All Data: A better option to erase your iPhone instead of using a factory reset. It erases data permanently.
  • Erase Deleted Files: Designed to erase all deleted files permanently with zero recovery.
  • Erase Private Data: Help destroy your private data in such a way that it will remain unrecoverable and your private information will remain secure.
  • Erase Private Fragments: Erase Snapchat, Kik, Youtube, Twitter, Chrome fragments, etc.