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How to Permanently Delete Viber Voice Messages from iPhone

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Aaron Donald

November 14, 2017 (Updated: September 18, 2020锛

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Viber is a great communications app that lets you make calls, send messages, and even receive voice messages easily. Since it uses data, instead of the calling and texting function of your iPhone, it can also save you some money if you have a limited plan.

In addition, the data transfer can often be free and quick over WIFI, making it even easier. If you like WhatsApp and WeChat, you鈥檒l probably find Viber useful.


Why We Need to Delete Viber Voice Messages

If you find yourself regularly using Viber, there are many reasons why you might need to delete your Viber voice messages. These include:

  • Saving space. These messages are audio files, and so sometimes they can take up a lot of room.
  • Privacy protection. What if someone steals your iPhone or decides to snoop? They will be able to hear your private voice messages unless you delete them.

Now, just deleting manually isn鈥檛 enough. When you delete voice messages within the app, they still hang around in your storage until they are overwritten. You may not be able to see them, but a hacker or a nosy person with the right recovery software may actually be able to!

1. Delete Viber Voice Message iPhone Manually (Recoverable)

So, how do you delete your Viber voice message manually? This is recoverable, as mentioned above, but this is how you do it:

1.1 Delete Viber Voice Messages Selectively

Step 1: Open up Viber app on your iPhone.
Step 2: While you are listening to the voice message in Viber, swipe the microphone to the left to delete the message.
Step 3: You can also find the voice message in your message history with a contact and long-press it, then tap Delete.

If the voice message sent by you, you can recall the message by select 鈥Delete for everyone鈥 from the pop-up.

Delete for everyone

1.2 Delete Viber Voice Messages All at Once

Step 1: Open Viber app on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap the More button at the bottom.
Step 3: Tap Settings, then Media, then tap Delete Voice Messages and comfirm by tapping Clear.

Delete viber

This will delete you all the voice messages from Viber. Once done, a pop-up message will appear: Voice message unavailable.

2. Delete iPhone Viber Voice Message Permanently (Unrecoverable)

You can also delete your Viber voice message from iPhone permanently, making it unrecoverable to any hackers or snoops who are looking through your iPhone. You can do this with a special erasing tool called iMyFone iPhone Eraser for Win or for Mac. This software lets you delete iOS data permanently, including your Viber message history.

umate pro iphone data eraser

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Permanently Wipe Viber: View and select Viber private data to erase, like text messages, voice message, call history attachments, etc.
  • Erase Deleted Viber: Permanently erase Viber data that you thought you had deletd manually, but that is still recoverable.
  • Clear Viber Cache: Clear your Viber cache for free and wipe private fragments that Viber might leave behind.
  • Completely remove any private data from iPhone to avoid any privacy leak.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Permanently Delete Your iPhone Viber Voice Message:

Step 1: Download Umate Pro and install it on your computer. Plug your phone into your computer and open Umate Pro.
Step 2: Click on the sidebar where it says Erase Private Data.
Step 3: Click Scan, and then you will see a list of the private data on your iPhone. Select what data you want to delete from the list, in this case your Viber voice messages, then click Erase Now.

Umate Pro

iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser Software Review >>

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