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What鈥檚 New of Safari in iOS 13?

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Kevin Walker

March 26, 2018 (Updated: January 11, 2021锛

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Safari has a lot of new features that have improved the security, new web APIs, media changes, and Apple鈥檚 Safari Preview browser, etc. The iOS 13 is an updated version of Safari.

Safari in iOS 13 is available for developers, and Apple plans to release new iOS 11.3 public betas in the nearest future.

When Will iOS 13 Be Released?

Apple doesn鈥檛 give the precise dates for latest iOS releases. The company has officially given a general time frame that it will arrive in spring (March to June).

The 6th beta was available to the developers on March 16, but the general beta release will come out soon. It was evident that no special feature changes, apart from the optimizations and bug fixes. It is unusual to release beta 5 and beta 6 the same week. Also, it is strange for public betas and developer to release new features the same day. When betas are coming on quickly and not bringing in new features, we believe that Apple will finally release iOS 13 soon.

ios 11.3

Safari New Features in iOS 13

1 Web Inspector and Tools

  • Canvas Debugging add a canvas tab for debugging 2D canvas in the web page.
  • New Network Tab design improves the usability and clarity of the Network Tab.
  • Improved styles sidebar feature.

2 Privacy and Security

  • Website Not Secure Warnings display the warnings when users move a credit card form or password on an insecure page.
  • Sub-resource reliability includes file confirmation for resource files to avoid alteration of the file during delivery.
  • Storage Access API added new sandbox API for user consent to make use of first-party cookies from a third-party.
  • New Intelligent Tracking Prevention provides consistency of cross-website tracking protection behaviors.
  • Latest User-Agent String Policy modify the policy to use updated Safari version number and iOS version number

3 Password AutoFill

The iOS 13 Password AutoFill for apps also works perfectly in web views within the apps. This makes it easier for users to have access to a site without any copy and paste password each time. The web apps saved to the web pages in SFSafariViewController and Home screen on iOS 13 use camera to capture images.

  • The Password AutoFill for Apps in Web Views contains UIWebView and WKWebView.
  • Removed Password AutoFill on Page Load stops AutoFill prevent sharing of data without user permission.

4 Web APIs

  • Service Workers support background scripts requested by the proxy network.
  • Payment Request API provides a standards-based payment API through a reliable mechanism.
  • HTML image features both asynchronous and synchronous photos on the webpage.
  • Signal API sends to web server non-blocking asynchronous requests.
  • New directory support API entries support developers to upload directories content.
  • Display contents support contents value of the CSS display property that makes use of the small element boxes instead of the element box when computing layout.
  • ECMAScript 2018 features spread properties for object literals and permit rest properties for object restructuring work.
  • Updated the Clipboard API improved the standards compliance. It also reduces crashes and scrolling performance.

5 Media

Safari graphics interchange format has been updated with better decoding function, different colors and improved downloading options.

  • Image asset support video content in the form of tags.
  • Encrypted Media Extensions in iOS provide support to the media.
  • New Media Capture and WebRTC improved standards of stability and compatibility.

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